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T. Dasu, Guest Author, and a Giveaway

It's always a pleasure to introduce readers to an author you might not be familiar with. T. Dasu discovered that she couldn't find books that combined her love of spy novels with romance, so she decided to write them herself. Spy, Interrupted: The Waiting Wife is the first in a planned trilogy.

And, once you read the Q & A with Dasu, you might want a copy of the book. At the end of the post is the information. The publicist is giving away a copy of Spy, Interrupted. Check below for details.

Thank you, T. Dasu.

Q &A with T. Dasu
author of

What inspired you to write SPY, INTERRUPTED: THE WAITING WIFE?

I grew up reading literary espionage novels but there was something lacking. I wondered about the emotional lives and relationships of those involved in the espionage business. What does it take for them to earn their partner’s trust in their relationships? Is it possible for such a person to be normal? What’s it like to be married to someone whose job it is to lie and deceive on a daily basis? Is their spouse always second-guessing their actions and motives?

Nina works for a company that helps struggling social activist organizations get financial aid. What are some causes you believe need support?

There are many worthwhile causes but I think providing children in developing countries, particularly girls, access to education is one of the best ways to impact thinking and world views of future generations. Personally, I would like to contribute to causes that stop trafficking of children, and rehabilitate them by providing a safe haven and education. I plan to donate all net proceeds from SPY: INTERRUPTED: THE WAITING WIFE to charity.

Nina and Stephen, the protagonists, face racial issues while in public in India. Would you consider this a factor that strengthens or causes tension in their relationship?

Definitely strengthens their relationship. They are very protective of each other. They face racism at a very personal level in Books 2 and 3. Stay tuned!

Nina and Stephen come from very different families. How would you describe Nina’s family in comparison to Stephen’s?

We learn more about Stephen’s family in Books 2 and 3. A series of tragedies left him lonely and estranged from his family. It is possible that being young and brash, he misunderstood some of the adults around him while growing up. His family had many secrets and a lack of communication intensified the cracks in the family. Nina’s family on the other hand is hyper-communicative and remains close-knit as many immigrant families do. 

Are there other areas of geo-politics that interest you?

I am very interested in American politics.  Book 2 is actually a political thriller, where Stephen runs for political office. And, his past naturally catches up with him.

T. Dasu’s impressionable years were spent on multiple continents, and it is these richly varied experiences that serve as inspiration for Dasu’s writing. In addition to being a published author of both fiction and nonfiction works, Dasu also translates regional Indian fiction into English. Dasu enjoys classic stories of love and longing like Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera, and literary espionage exemplified by Graham Greene’s Our Man in Havana.


IndiaWrites Publishers, Inc.
335 pages; $10.92 U.S.
ISBN- 978-0692320297


If you'd like to win a copy of Spy, Interrupted, email me at Your subject line should read, "Win Spy, Interrupted." Please include your name and mailing address. The giveaway will end Thursday, March 12 at 6 PM CT. Entries from the U.S. only, please.


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