Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Way Out by Christine Husom

Here's an unusual premise. Christine Husom's mystery, Snow Way Out, features  a snow globe shop in a small town in Minnesota. It will be interesting to see how this series develops, with a snow globe representing part of the mysterious elements in a crime in this story.

Cami Brooks is back home after a scandal in Washington, D.C. Now, she's managing the snow globe shop owned by her parents, one that's connected to a coffee shop run by Pinky, one of her best friends. Together, the two set up a class for people to learn how to make snow globes, but the class ends on a low note. It seems a man who broke into their friend Erin's house is back in town. And, a few too many people in the class had ties to him - his ex-wife, his girlfriend, and, of course, Erin. But, that wasn't the most unusual part of the evening. After everyone leaves, Cami finds a snow globe she's never seen, a scene of a man on a park bench. Then, when she leaves the shop, she finds that same scene in the park, except the man is dead. And, Cami and all of her friends could be considered suspects because the victim was the newly released burglar. When the assistant police chief seems a little skeptical of Cami's snow globe story, she decides to do some investigating of her own.

Sometimes, the first mystery is a series seems less mystery and more set-up for future books. That's the case with Snow Way Out. This book serves to introduce the characters, the setting, and a possible love interest. Cami seems a little too impulsive, and at times, acts in ways that I would normally call "TSTL", "Too Stupid To Live". But, I'm willing to give her a break, and wait for the next book. When an amateur sleuth is the primary suspect in the first story in a series, they often act rashly. We'll see what happens in future books.

I liked Cami, her friends, the assistant police chief, and Cami's family. I'll be interested to see further developments in the Snow Globe mysteries. Snow Way Out shows potential, provided Cami is more cautious in future books.

Christine Husom's website is

Snow Way Out by Christine Husom. Berkley Prime Crime. 2015. ISBN 978042520806 (paperback), 292p.

FTC Full Disclosure - The publisher sent me a copy of the book, hoping I would review it.


holdenj said...

I just read this too! How could I resist a cozy set in my home state!? I agree, Cami/Camryn needs to be careful! I thought Husom surrounded her with some great characters, some that will hopefully be used more fully as the books continue.

Lesa said...

It sounds as if you and I had the same reaction to the book, Holdenj. Liked it, but the books should be better in the future.

Kay said...

It's an interesting concept - a snow globe shop. Sometimes I wonder if the publishers or authors will ever run out of ideas. Guess not.

Lesa said...

I wonder, too, Kay. Sometimes it seems as if the subject matter is really narrow, but I guess it doesn't matter where the murder occurs.

Carol N Wong said...

I have always loved snow globes as a child so can't miss this!

Lesa said...

Then, you're the perfect audience for this one, Carol!

Grandma Cootie said...

Thanks for this review. The premise sounds interesting but I appreciate the specifics about what doesn't quite work yet. As you say, hopefully these things will be resolved as the series grows.

Lesa said...

You're right, Grandma Cootie. And, thank you.