Sunday, February 15, 2015

Little Dog in the Sun by Lanea Stagg

I've never felt qualified to review picture books, however I can comment on them. Little Dog in the Sun by Lanea Stagg, illustrated by Jon Fuchs, has a message that reaches adults as well as children. It's a story of loss, and finding the sun afterward, a reason to go on with each day.

Stagg's story has a basis in her own life, the loss of her best friend. My guess is there actually was a dog, Ava, a homeless dog who showed up. Although the surviving friend was reluctant to take in a dog, the dog's joy in every spot of sunshine inspired the friend to find her own pools of sunlight in life.

Stagg, an Evansville, Indiana author, and local illustrator Jon Fuchs teamed up to tell this story of loss and inspiration. In fact, they were so determined to share the story with readers that they launched a Kickstarter campaign to publish it. And, readers who love dogs will enjoy the photos at the end of the book. Donors at various levels were allowed to submit their own pictures of their "Little Dog in the Sun". The picture book, with its charming illustrations, is a story of loss, and finding reasons to go on with life.

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Little Dog in the Sun by Lanea Stagg. Illustrations by John Fuchs. ISBN 9780692315347 (paperback).

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