Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dogwood Hill by Sherryl Woods

Sunday dinners at the family matriarch's, matchmaking, quaint shops, a charming village on the Chesapeake Bay. These are all features to draw readers back to Sherryl Woods' Chesapeake Shores novels. But, most of all, it's the love shared by all the members of the O'Brien family. In  Dogwood Hill, two newcomers to town yearn for that kind of family love, but they both have secrets that hold them back. Longtime readers of this series will know the O'Briens always come through, though.

Aidan Mitchell and Liz March meet on his first day in town. After a career ending injury, the former NFL quarterback is in Chesapeake Shores to interview for the job of high school football coach. Liz is owner of Pet Style, but they come together when her foster dog, Archie, tries to corral Aidan with a flock of geese. It's an amusing meeting, and there are a few sparks, but Aidan and Liz have secrets that could spell disaster for a relationship. A few secrets don't matter to the O'Briens, though, when they decide to bring a couple together. And, then there's that Aussie shepherd who's determined to herd "his" people.

The novels featuring the O'Brien family are some of my favorite books with the humor, romance, and family love. Don't get me wrong. The O'Briens aren't perfect. There have been divorces, three brothers who didn't speak for years; one brother sued the other. There have been misunderstandings, fights in the course of the series. But, family always triumphs. The reader may know from page one that the couple will get together. And, by the fifth page, Aidan's secret is revealed. That doesn't make Dogwood Hill any less enjoyable.

Strong family relationships, romance, humor in a beautiful setting. Dogwood Hill, like Sherry Woods' previous books in this series, is a comfort read.

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Dogwood Hill by Sherryl Woods. 2015. ISBN 9780778318231 (hardcover), 330p.

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Ingrid King said...

I'm reading this right now, and it's wonderful. I love this series!

Lesa said...

Me, too, Ingrid. Love the O'Briens, the setting, the stories.