Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Sirena Quest by Michael A. Kahn

Michael A. Kahn may be best known for his mysteries featuring attorney Rachel Gold. And, Rachel does may a brief appearance in his latest novel, The Sirena Quest, but she isn't an essential part of this story. This is really the story of a quest, as the title states. But, what a quest! It's a caper, the story of the search for a missing statue, and the story of the brotherhood of four men. In the end, it's the story of determination to see an adventure through to the end.

Lou Solomon is a widower, father of two children, and a successful lawyer in St. Louis, known as the "Iceman" to the attorneys in his firm. He's also a graduate of Barrett College, Class of 1974. And, twenty years after graduation, when his former roommate, Ray Gorman, calls out of the blue and asks him to hit the road with him, the Iceman does something no one in his law firm would ever have expected. Lou accepts Ray's challenge, and the national challenge made my a wealthy graduate of the class of '59. Find Sirena, the statue that disappeared from the campus 35 years earlier. There's twenty-five million dollars at stake if the statue is restored to the campus on the day of the college's sesquicentennial. Lou, Ray, and their other two roommates from their freshman year hit the road in search of a legend.

The Sirena Quest is a little bit nostalgic, and quite funny. The four men, who had drifted apart after that year, have to discover who they are twenty years later. Their trip together is not only a trip into their past, but a revelation as to the men they became, the women they loved, and the lives they made for themselves. Along the way, they face setbacks and challenges, and the knowledge they are not the only team of hunters looking for Sirena. And, they face the knowledge that, for them, this may be the ultimate adventure. "Hey, maybe someone will write our story some day. Sirena may not be the Holy Grail, but she's the closest the four of us will ever get."

Michael A. Kahn has written an adventure for grown-ups. No one is in danger, but the men are determined to make one final trip together, a trip that will call on their bond of friendship. The Sirena Quest is funny and sad at the same time, a reminder of a past that can't be called back. As with any quest, sometimes it's the journey that's important, not the end result. And, sometimes, a dream comes true in ways not quite expected.

Michael A. Kahn's website is www.michaelakahn.com

The Sirena Quest by Michael A. Kahn. Poisoned Pen Press. 2015. ISBN 9781464203503 (hardcover), 287p.

FTC Full Disclosure - The publicist sent me a copy of the book, hoping I would review it.


Janet c said...

Just got my copy the other day. He is one of my favor authors. I have never been disappointed by one of his books. I'm saving it for this weekend.

Lesa said...

It's a quick read, Janet. Fun one! I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Beth Hoffman said...

Terrific review. I've never heard of this book, but you've sold me, Lesa! I'm putting this title on my list today.

Lesa said...

I love it when I can introduce someone to an author or book, Beth! A few weaknesses, but then, most books have one or two. But, the journey itself, and the guys, are fun.

Kaye Barley said...

This is a "new to me" author. I inhale books of this nature about women, and honestly - never even considered this sort of adventure/journey being taken by men. I'll have to check this out - Thank You!

Lesa said...

That's a good way of describing it, Kaye. I, too, read a number of those books about women. I can only think of a few others about men, and they were both nonfiction. One was by Bob Greene, and the other was by the author of Friday Night Lights, and it was about a trip with his son. Not the same as the novels we read.