Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Three Wise Cats by Harold M. Konstantelos & Terri Jenkins-Brady

As I write this review, I'm surrounded by my cats, one with his paw on my arm, the others all tucked  in, perfect for a Christmas story that celebrates cats. Three Wise Cats by Harold M. Konstantelos & Terri Jenkins-Brady tells a beautiful story of three cats who followed a star.

The Siamese Ptolemy had to stay with his aging astronomer master, but he knew about the star, and he sent three young kittens to follow the star and find the Messiah. Together, they weren't even four years old - "Kezia, the coquettish tabby, who could catch a mouse as quickly as one could blink; Abishag, who felt she could overcome any adversity after being orphaned at only four weeks; and Ira, youngest of the three and boldest because of his youth." There was a prophecy about "the three finding the one", so Kezia, Abishag and Ira set off, followed by Asmodeus the rat, determined to thwart and bother the three cats.

The authors actually tell a fascinating story as the cats meet up with a Roman centurion who rescues Ira, and then a sea captain who carries them on their journey until they actually meet with three wise men named Kaspar, Mechior and Balthazar. And, all along the way, the cats mature and grow wiser, until they know how to meet a babe in a manger.

So many Christmas stories have a little magic to them. For cat lovers, Three Wise Cats is a magical story of three cats who behave like cats, catching mice and rats, preening, and prancing. At the same time, the book satisfies a cat lover's feeling that cats have secrets and adventures that we don't share. It's a perfect story of love, trust and faith for the Christmas season.

Three Wise Cats by Harold M. Konstantelos & Terri Jenkins-Brady. Berkley. 2005. ISBN 9780425230367 (hardcover), 198p.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story! I had not heard of this one. Thanks, Lesa.

Lesa said...

It was a wonderful book, too, Patricia. I really enjoyed this one!

mary kennedy said...

I love this, what a beautiful story. Thank you so much for featuring it. This will be the perfect holiday gift

Lesa said...

It's definitely a perfect gift for a cat lover, Mary.

Maria G. Swan said...

sounds like a delightful story.

Lesa said...

It was, Maria.

Reine said...

Lesa, I have just the person online gift list who will love this book! Thank you! xo

Reine said...

Sorry... mobility problems today:

"Lesa, I have just the person online gift list who will love this book! Thank you! xo"

Reine said...

I don't believe this! Let me try again, then I will disappear if I can't get this right:

"Lesa, I have just the person on my gift list who will love this book! Thank you! xo"

Clea Simon said...

This sounds so lovely, Lesa. Just what I needed to hear about on this dark day. Thank you.

Terri Jenkins-Brady said...

Thank you for your wonderful review of Three Wise Cats! Harold and I agree with you - it does have a touch of magic about it, as parts of our book just 'seemed to write itself.'
Perhaps because the cats in the story were all based on the felines who've graced our lives through the years?
May this Christmas be wonderful for you and your cherished companion cats, and 2015 bring many blessings to you all.
Terri & Harold

Lesa said...


I'm a little late responding to your message. Thank you for your kind wishes. The wishes are returned for blessings to you and your companion cats. Thank you for sharing some of them with us in this book.