Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New York City - Dream Trip - Saturday

If my photos don't come through from my IPad to my computer, there will be just a couple pictures here today. I'm sorry. My devices aren't talking to each other right now.

We started our day taking the subway to the Cloisters Museum, and then hiking uphill in order to get there. (Quite a hike uphill, as a matter of fact.) The Cloisters is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This separate building houses the museum's collection of art and artifacts from Medieval Europe.

The Cloisters is on a hill overlooking the Hudson, and it was gorgeous on a cold day with the steam rising from the river. The building is composed of parts of five abbeys that were disassembled, and reassembled between 1934 and 1939 on the present site. We spent most of the morning wandering through the collections.

Our next stop was at the Hungarian Pastry Shop across from St. John the Divine. One of my co-
workers recommended it, and she was right. I had a Dobos, and Anna had a Napoleon. I don't know when I had such a wonderful pastry.

On our way to the holiday bazaar there on the grounds, we stopped at the Peace Garden. Not exactly what I'd think of as peaceful. Satan has been beheaded by an angel on that sculpture.

The holiday bazaar was fun, but it was the display at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine that was wonderful. Xu Bing, a Chinese artist, built two phoenix birds out of trash on a Chinese construction site. A Chinese businessman purchased them. They have been exhibited in China, Boston, and now New York City. They are stunning, lit by LED lights.

Dinner at Saturday night was at an Irish restaurant/pub, Tir Na Nog, down the street from our hotel. Very good shepherd's pie.

We ended the evening at Les Miserables, starring Ramin Karimloo as Jean Valjean and Will Swenson as Javert. Fabulous! My all-time favorite show. It was funny, though. This weekend was the weekend when all the Broadway shows raised money for their charity, Broadway Cares. After the curtain call for the shows, someone in the cast stepped forward to talk about what they were doing, collecting money, selling the cd, Carols for a Cure. Will Swenson was the spokesman for Les Miz. He said they were in a tough competition with Phantom to see who raised the most money. He said they would auction off the kids from the cast. And, then he joked that for $50, someone could touch Ramin Karimloo's abs. He said, "We'll raise a shitload of money."

And, what better way to end the blog than with the cast of Les Miserables singing "One More Day" on Good Morning, America in March, the week before the new production opened on Broadway?


Anonymous said...


I just keep thinking "trip of a lifetime"...but, I'm sure there will be other trips.

I'm sure your kitties were happy to see you home, though!

Lesa said...

You're right, Patricia. It was a trip of a lifetime. And, the kitties were very glad to see me home!