Sunday, December 21, 2014

New York City - Dream Trip - Final Days

I'll wrap up Thursday and Friday quickly. Thursday morning, we headed out for a New York bagel, and then walked to the Flatiron Building. The Flatiron Building is the home of friends at Macmillan, St. Martin's Minotaur. Thanks to Hector DeJean and Shailyn Tavella for the welcome and tour.

I went to the Thursday matinee of The Phantom of the Opera, hoping to see Norm Lewis as the Phantom. Darn. I was disappointed to find out he doesn't perform on Thursdays. I hadn't seen Phantom before. It was OK, but I didn't really appreciate it until I came home, bought the dvd of the 25th Anniversary cd with Ramin Karimloo, and watched that a couple times. It was probably the disappointment because I didn't get to see Norm Lewis.

Anna and I met up for dinner, and went to the Carnegie Deli for dinner, wonderful pastrami. Interesting experience there, where they just pack people in. But, the pastrami was good.

But, Thursday night couldn't have ended on a better note. We went to see Cabaret with Alan Cumming. Emma Stone was supposed to be in it, but she had been out sick a couple days. The show was at Studio 54, the perfect theater to be the Kit Kat Klub. Alan Cumming was amazing, appropriately sleazy for the Emcee. The setting was perfect for the orchestra. As the emcee says, "Even the orchestra is beautiful." So, as many plays as I saw in NY, Cabaret topped them all because of Alan Cumming.

Friday morning we went to the New York Public Library Center for the Performing Arts. We originally went to see a display of Broadway costumes. But, we also went to a wonderful Sesame Street exhibit celebrating 45 years of the television show. I'm sharing the exhibit here.

When I go to New York City, I go for the shows. Anna and I were supposed to do a light tour of the city on Friday night, but she went off with Alice (Cleo Coyle) for the tour while I went to one more show - my all-time favorite, Les Miserables.

Perfect week in New York City. Ten shows in eight days, and everything else we did. Plus time spent with a good friend I hadn't seen in two years. Just perfect!


Ingrid King said...

Thank you for sharing your trip with us - it sounds like you had a fabulous time! There's nothing better than New York at Christmas time.

Libby Dodd said...

I'd have chosen to tour with Alice (aka Cleo) rather than les mis. But to each her own.
What a fabulous trip!

Lesa said...

You're right, Ingrid. Nothing better than New York at Christmastime.

Lesa said...

Ah, but, Libby. It was a bus tour, not an Alice-guided tour. And, if I had gone with Anna, Alice wouldn't have had the chance to do the light tour. Anna said she & I had already seen almost everything on their light tour in the course of our walks. This way, Alice had a chance to enjoy the lights, and I went back to Les Miz, my favorite. You're right. To each her own. It was a wonderful trip!

Melissa Bo said...

Thanks for sharing the photos with us!

Sounds like a wonderful time!

Nancy said...

Thank you so much for taking us along with you on your vacation. You have a ton of stamina to pack all those shows in and walking around, too. Meeting Alice/Cleo Coyle would have been a major highlight for me, too.

Dru said...

Glad you enjoyed your stay here.

Lesa said...

I loved it. I'd go back anytime for more theater.