Monday, December 22, 2014

A Gift to Remember by Melissa Hill

I wrapped up my summary of a week in New York City, but it's hard for me to leave that magical city behind. So, the two books I read are perfect to provide a little nostalgia, plus a couple book reviews. What's more enchanting than a bookseller in Manhattan, a romance, and Christmastime? That's Melissa Hill's A Gift to Remember.

Darcy Archer, manager of Chaucer's bookstore, always has her mind in a book, whether she's working, curled up with a book, dreaming of one of her favorite romantic heroes, or riding her bicycle to work. But, when her bicycling on a snowy day leads to an unfortunate accident, she has to come back to earth. When Darcy runs into a well-dressed man walking a Husky, she finds herself in unfamiliar territory.

When Darcy's victim ends up in the hospital, she's left with the dog whose tag says "Bailey". And, the man in the hospital, according to his driver's license, answers to Aidan Harris. But, he has no memory of his life, other than the dog. Although, Darcy has no idea why no one is looking for this man, she finds him interesting. Since she's sure she ruined his life, she's determined to track down his life for him, beginning with keys and Bailey's return to familiar territory in an extremely upscale neighborhood.

Melissa Hill's latest novel is a charming story set in just a few days in Manhattan. It incorporates city landmarks and hot spots, such as Magnolia Bakery and Radio City Music Hall, for those of us who love to recognize sites. But, it also brings in books, everything from Little Women to Pride and Prejudice to The Princess Bride. And, of course, there's Darcy's search for answers as she falls under the spell of the mysterious Aidan Harris.

Darcy's search may have only taken a few days, but it seemed a little too long during the book. And, I would have appreciated a little more of the bookstore. Saying that, it's a sweet story filled with New York atmosphere. A Gift to Remember is a light read evoking the romance of the season, perfect reading for a busy time of year.

Melissa Hill's website is

A Gift to Remember by Melissa Hill. St. Martin's Griffin. 2013. ISBN 9781250057884 (paperback), 408p.

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Kaye Barley said...

This sounds good and I will check it out, but Lesa - I wasn't quite ready to leave NYC just yet!! :-) Hugs!!!

Lesa said...

Neither was I, Kaye. But, with this book, I didn't have to leave yet. Darcy went to some of the same places I did when I was in NY.

Kaye Barley said...

What a terrific way to extend your wonderful trip!!!

Lesa said...

As was Once Upon a Grind, Kaye, another book with a NYC setting.