Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Phantom Evil by Heather Graham

After I read Heather Graham's The Betrayed last month, I went back to the beginning of Heather Graham's Krewe of Hunters series. The books stand alone, but I wanted to see the beginning of the teams. Naturally, a Krewe would begin in New Orleans, the setting for Phantom Evil, the first in the series.

Even though Jackson Crow had lost members of his previous team, it was his actions in saving the remaining group that attracted the attention of Adam Harrison. Harrison is bringing together six investigators for a new investigative unit, investigators that all have some psychic talent. Although Crow is a skeptic, he's heading up the team that's sent to New Orleans to investigate after a senator's wife dies. The police call it suicide. Residents of New Orleans say it's the ghosts that haunt the house that the Holloways bought in the French quarter.

While Jackson is the skeptic, Angela Hawkins sees ghosts, and she certainly experiences them in the New Orleans house, including an evil spirit that other members of the team sense as well. But, Crow is harder to convince since he knows man in capable of terrible evil. And, he knows it's the team's responsibility to determine who caused Regina Holloway's death. Is it people connected with the senator, a local church that seems to be a cult, an Aryan group, or an evil presence in the house itself?

Heather Graham combines her love of New Orleans, her interest in the paranormal, and sexual tension in a riveting novel that kicks off this fascinating series. Graham's story is an engrossing, exciting book. If a series about law enforcement teams that investigate paranormal crimes appeals to you, Phantom Evil is the perfect book to pick up.

Heather Graham's website is www.eHeatherGraham.com

Phantom Evil by Heather Graham. Harlequin MIRA. 2011. ISBN 9780778329534 (hardcover), 361p.

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