Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Christmas Bouquet by Sherryl Woods

I think I've mentioned before that Sherryl Woods' Chesapeake Shores novels remind me of Nora Roberts' MacGregor family romances. One features an Irish American family, the O'Briens. The other features a Scottish-American family. But, they are both series featuring large supportive clans with a patriarch who enjoys seeing everyone in love. Woods' series just features a patriarch who interferes a little more than he should because he wants all of his extended family to be happy. The Christmas Bouquet, the eleventh in Woods' series is a typical romance featuring Mick O'Brien's interfering ways, troubles between a couple, and a happy ending. There's very little Christmas in the books, just a Christmas wedding reminder that leads to a wedding a year later. Even so, this is as satisfying as the other books by Woods.

Caitlyn Winters blames the wedding bouquet she caught for all of her problems. Soon after the O'Brien family wedding, she met family medicine resident Noah McIlroy, fell hard for him, and now she's facing an unexpected pregnancy. While Noah is overjoyed, Caitlyn is upset, angry, frustrated. A pregnancy will disrupt all of her carefully laid plans for her life - med school, internship, residency, and then off to Africa to save children, one village at a time. How can she move to Africa if she has a husband and baby in Maryland? How does she tell her O'Brien family that she, "the grounded, goal-oriented" twin, has a kink in her plans? And, she never even told her family about Noah.

As reluctant as Caitlyn is to reveal her condition to her family, Noah is just the opposite. While she fights tooth-and-nail to stick to the plan she designed, Noah is willing to compromise, understanding the importance of family, love, and compromise. While Caitlyn's grandfather, Mick, demands a wedding, and the O'Briens are eager for another marriage, Noah is patient and Caitlyn is stubborn. It will take a very patient man to wait for Caitlyn's decision.

The Chesapeake Shores novels are known for humor, strong family support, strong, independent women, and Mick's outrageous attempts to control his family. The Christmas Bouquet is one more enchanting story in the series. There are few surprises. It falls under Woods' formula for these books. But, it's a formula all of her readers enjoy. There's one more family to welcome home to Chesapeake Shores, a family home filled with love.

Sherryl Woods' website is www.sherrylwoods.com

The Christmas Bouquet by Sherryl Woods. Harlequin MIRA. 2014. ISBN 9780778316626 (hardcover), 183p.

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Melissa @ My Recent Favorite Books said...

I enjoyed your review! I like books by Sherryl Woods. This sounds like a great story!

Lesa said...

It was another fun book by Sherryl woods, Melissa. I hope you enjoy it.

Ingrid King said...

I just downloaded this to my Kindle before coming to your blog to find more Christmas book suggestions. I'm looking forward to reading this one.