Monday, October 13, 2014

Dean Koontz' Dog, Anna, Author and Advice Columnist

Dean Koontz' golden retriever, Anna, may have flunked out of Canine Companions for Independence training, but she has a generous heart. She's not only an advice columnist for dogs, but she's also donating the proceeds from her debut book to Canine Companions for Independence. That's the nonprofit organization that trains service dogs for people with disabilities. Along with Dean Koontz, Anna has written a charming coffee table book, Ask Anna. She provides advice to some of her furry friends as to how to live with humans. And, for those owners smart enough to read the book, some of those answers may help you live with your beloved pet.

Anna agreed to answer a few questions from some dogs, questions that might give us an idea as to how she handles providing advice. Anna's answers are often insightfull and humorous. Thank you, Anna.

1. Does your dad’s writing schedule ever conflict with your own?

Never. I have a way of always getting his attention when needed—it could be my good looks and winning personality but if I said that the poodle would say that the fame has started to go to my head.

2. I also know how hard it is to live with a thriller writer. Is Dean Koontz any easier to live with than my mom?

Good question! I don’t know because I haven’t lived with your mom but if you ever need dog advice, you know where I am.

3. How have your life experiences impacted your advice to others?

From avoiding the cat to helping tame my master, I’d say I draw on them a lot when advising others but rarely will I judge (unless you drink from a toilet…).

4. What type of human do you think would most enjoy the new “Ask Anna” book?

Owners that need to get a clue about what their dog really things about them…or those just needing to have a good laugh.

5. Any advice for the many dogs who live with authors?

It’s OK, they’ll get it eventually. Until then, let me hold your paw and we’ll get through this together! They’re bound to learn a thing or two from my new book so it will get easier.

Thanks for having me on your blog. Maybe one day we can meet up at the dog park and shake paws in-person!

You're welcome, Anna! Your new book, Ask Anna: Advice for the Furry and Forlorn, is delightful with all the photos of you and your dog friends. And, your advice is witty. Thank you for taking time to write. And, please thank Dean Koontz for working with you on this book.

If you'd like to see Anna and some of her friends, and read some of her advice, check out her page on Facebook, And, don't forget, all proceeds go to Canine Companions for Independence. (You'll have to read the book to discover why Anna flunked out of training.)

Ask Anna: Advice for the Furry and Forlorn by Dean Koontz and his dog, Anna. Center Street. 2014. ISBN 9781455530793 (hardcover), 96p.

FTC Full Disclosure - The publisher sent me a copy of the book so I could participate in the blog tour.


donna said...

I love Dean Koontz and love hearing about all of his dogs. His generosity is wonderful. Love all of his other books as well.

Lesa said...

And, darn, Donna. In the middle of training today, they sent me an updated interview in which Dean interviews Anna. I'll have to put it up later this week.