Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Stealing the Moon & Stars by Sally J. Smith and Jean Steffens\

Sally J. Smith and Jean Steffens kick off a new series featuring a Scottsdale detective agency in Stealing the Moon & Stars.While Jordan Welsh and Eddie Marino try to find out who's embezzling money from the Moon & Stars Children's Foundation, Jordan finds herself battling her feelings and suspicions about her partner. It's an intriguing start to a romantic suspense series.

Shea Investigations has a reputation for discretion, essential when working in Scottsdale, Arizona. And, they know Nick and Connie Brenner's charity Moon & Stars Children's Cancer Foundation will be in trouble if it leaks that they're missing eight hundred thousand dollars. But, the more they dig, the more dangerous the case becomes. How can a case of embezzlement lead to the burglary of their office, threats and connections to organized crime, and even an attack on Welsh and Marino? Even before the attack, Jordan asked, "My God. What have I gotten us into?"

Actually Jordan Welsh has gotten herself into a confusing case, and a puzzle involving her partner. There are secrets about his past that threaten her trust of him. And, his very presence threatens her comfort, since there is a great deal of sexual tension between them. Eddie Marino may always be there to protect her, but what did he do in the past? The sexual tension, along with the puzzles about Marino will carry over into the next book in the series, leaving readers wondering about his history. And, what will become of their business partnership and their relationship?

Stealing the Moon & Stars successfully launches this new partnership and series. As I said when I originally read the book, "The action and sexual tension are as hot as an Arizona summer. The Shea Investigations team put their lives, and their hearts, on the line in this action-packed crime novel."

The authors' website is

Stealing the Moon & Stars by Sally J. Smith and Jean Steffens. Camel Press. 2014. ISBN 9781603819831 (paperback), 232p.

FTC Full Disclosure - Although I was originally sent a manuscript to review, I bought a copy of the book.


Sally and Jean said...

Hi, Lesa, as always, a perceptive read and thorough review of Stealing the Moon & Stars. We're hard at work on the second book in this series, Stealing the Golden Dream. Thank you. Sally J. Smith and Jean Steffens, Authors.

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Sally & Jean. Looking forward to the next book.