Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nashville Trip

Nashville is just over two hours from Evansville, so a friend, Donna, and I made a quick trip with the intention to going to Parnassus Books. We left at noon on Friday, and had a nice stop for lunch on the way. Donna was smart and asked at the hotel about a local restaurant, not a chain. We ended up with a wonderful dinner at a restaurant called Darfons, family owned and operated.

Saturday was book day for us. We started out at Parnassus Books. Author Ann Patchett opened Parnassus a year after Nashville lost its last independent bookstore, Davis-Kidd.

We arrived about a half an hour after they opened on Saturday morning. It was already bustling, filled with children there for storytime, kids picking up their summer reading books, and adults browsing and buying. It was great to see a bookstore so busy!

And, Bear, the bookstore dog, is a friendly greeter.

Here is the bookstore, and the small entrance to the children's department.

And, my souvenirs from Parnassus Books.

When I told the clerk at Parnassus that we were heading to the Nashville Public Library, he recommended Provence Breads & Cafe for lunch, a little cafe in the library. We did have a nice lunch there, eating outside.

And, from there, we checked out a number of displays in the library. The Vintage Book Covers display seemed to go perfectly with my matchbox.

And, after we talked to one of the librarians, he took us into the closed off Reading Room so we could see it. It's closed for restoration of the artwork, but he took us behind the closed area. It's beautiful now, but the reading room is going to be stunning when it's finished.

And, the garden with the fountain is beautiful. That was our last stop before heading home.

Great trip. And, we're going back in October for The Southern Festival of Books. Nashville, just over two hours away, is an easy trip.


Nancy said...

This sounds like a dream day trip!

Lesa said...

It was a fun day, Nancy. Donna and I travel well together. We had a lot of fun.

Rosemary said...

What a lovely day out Lesa - I love trips like that. My friend Nancy had a day going round the North East Scotland Open Studios a couple of years ago and we had such a good time. Next week I'm going with 2 friends to see some of the places participating in the 3 Harbours Festival near here, which should also be fun. And you have a trip to New York coming up - how exciting is that?!

Beth Hoffman said...

Seeing your photos and reading about Parnassus Books confrims all the good things I've heard about it. Sounds like a perfect day!