Thursday, May 01, 2014

June Treasures in My Closet

Once a month, I get to share forthcoming books, treasures in my closet. It's always fun to discover new books. Here are the June titles in my TBR pile.

New York taxi driver Ranjit Sinon returns in A.X. Ahmad's The Last Taxi Ride. He has ten days to prove his innocence when a Bollywood film icon is found murdered. Her body was found in the apartment where Ranjit ate dinner just hours earlier, with his fingerprints all over the murder weapon. Ranjit has an alibi, but the man has disappeared. He has just ten days before the Grand Jury arraignment, and he can only rely on his army training, his taxi-driver knowledge of the city, and his cabbie friends. (Release date is June 24.)

After a three year hiatus, Detective Inspector Sloan and Detective Constable Crosby return in the latest British procedural from Catherine Aird, Dead Heading. Pressured by his boss, Sloan investigates a break-in at a greenhouse. Other than the destruction of some expensive orchids, no damage has been done. But, then a woman goes missing, and is absent from her planned orchid demonstration. Sloan and Crosby must try to find the missing woman, and learn how she connects to the greenhouse burglary before it's too late. (Release date is June 17.)

Annamaria Alfieri takes readers to early 20th century British East Africa, a place with rules for the British and rules for the Africans. Strange Gods tells of Vera McIntosh, the daughter of Scottish missionaries, who feels as if she doesn't belong. She dreams of seeing the handsome police officer she's danced with, but it's grisly circumstances that bring him to her door. Justin Tolliver is assigned the case when Vera's uncle is found with a tribesman's spear in his back. Although Tolliver's boss wants a fast arrest, he discovers there are a number of people who hated Dr. Josiah Pennyman. (Release date is June 24.)

In A Dark and Twisted Tide, Sharon Bolton's latest Lacey Flint book, Lacey is living in London's riverboat community when she finds a shrouded body in the River Thames. Flint assumes it was chance since she only recently joined the marine policing unit, but soon her team suspects the body was deliberately left for her to find. Although she is no longer a detective, she's soon drawn into the investigation. (Release date is June 3.)

Allison Brennan takes FBI agent Lucy Kincaid and her boyfriend Sean Rogan into a dangerous world in Dead Heat. When her team buts two brothers for jumping bail, she walks into a hotbed of pure evil. They're charged with murder, drug trafficking, and worse. Lucy risks her career and her life to bring down a crime lord's empire. (Release date is June 3.)

NYPd Detective Ellie Hatcher and her partner, JJ Rogan are assigned to reexamine an investigation that led to a murder conviction in Alafair Burke's All Day and a Night. When a psychotherapist is murdered, a celebrity trial lawyer offers lawyer Carrie Blank an offer she can't refuse. A serial killer blamed for the murder of Carrie's older sister has new evidence related to the psychotherapist's death. While Carrie takes on Amaro's wrongful conviction claim, Ellie and Rogan's search take them back to Carrie's hometown. And, when she falls victim to a brutal attack it becomes clear she got too close to the truth. (Release date is June 10.)

Looking for a historical mystery? Eleanor Kuhns takes us back to 1797 in her latest Will Rees mystery, Cradle to Grave. Rees and Lydia travel to the Shaker community in Mount Unity, New York, where a friend, Mouse, is in trouble for kidnapping five children, claiming their mother is unfit to care for them. Although they can't help her, they agree the children are better off away from their mother. But, when the mother ends up dead, Mouse is the prime suspect. (Release date is June 17.)

I love the cover of Linda Francis Lee's The Glass Kitchen. "With echoes of The Tempest, comes an honest, funny, and heartfelt novel of a Texas woman washed up on the shores of New York City with little more than her cookbooks in hand. Forced to reimagine herself in the wake of a broken marriage, her decision to be honest - with her own talents, her sisters, the man who lives upstairs, his twelve-year-old daughter - shapes a page-turning story about the complications and delights of family and love." (Release date is June 17.)

Everything I Never Told You is Celeste Ng's debut novel. It's the story of a mixed-race family, Chincse American, living in 1970s Ohio and the tragedy that will either be their undoing or their salvation. And, it's the youngest daughter of the family, much more observant than anyone thinks, who may be the only one who knows the truth. (Release date is June 26.)

There's even a picture book in this collection, Sleep Tight, Anna Banana by Dominique Roques.
Anna Banana won't settle down, even though her stuffed animals are tired. When she finally is sleepy, the stuffed animals get revenge. (Release date is June 17.)

Looking for a legal thriller? Robert Rotstein brings back lawyer Parker Stern in Reckless Disregard. When Stern takes on a case for a video game designer, he ends up with a mess in which nothing is as it appears. At one point his own client threatens to blackmail him. Then witnesses start to die, and survivors are to frightened to talk. Soon Parker feels as if he himself is just a character in a video game fighting bosses trying to destroy him. (Release date is June 3.)

Once again, Jill Paton Walsh brings back Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane. In The Late Scholar, Peter is approached by his alma mater to settle a disagreement about selling a rare manuscript to raise funds. But, one of the people involved has disappeared, and when Peter and Harriet return to Oxford, the faculty begin dying mysteriously. (Release date is June 17.)

And, the last treasure is James W. Ziskin's No Stone Unturned. In her second mystery, Ellie Stone, a young reporter in 1960s' upstate New York, plays by her own rules while searching for a killer, putting her own life at risk. Ellie's been battling her own losses and demons, and is ready to pack it up and return to New York as a failure. Then, she's the first on the scene when a body is found in the woods. When all leads seem to die, she takes a risk that unleashes chaos. (Release date is June 10.)

Have I tempted you with anything? Which books do you want to read?


donna said...

Love Alafair Burke - looking forward to this new one.

Beth Hoffman said...

Several titles on your list have grabbed my attention!

TFJ said...

Yay, Catherine Aird is back! I'm so happy to see this and will pre-order Dead Heading.


Lesa said...

There are so many of them that I'm looking forward to reading.