Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Last Time I Saw You by Eleanor Moran

Eleanor Moran's novel, The Last Time I Saw You, is a compelling story of obsession, poisonous
friendship, and betrayal. There's even some suspense in the story. Did anyone really know who Sally was?

Olivia Berrington and Sally Atkins had been best friends in university. Olivia, and others, were drawn to Sally's mercurial personality. When Livvy was in her good graces, she glowed. When Sally turned on someone, the person felt destroyed, determined to get back in her favor. After three years of up-and-down emotions, watching Sally cut one person and then allow them back in, after one final betrayal and a bitter fight, Olivia couldn't take it anyone. She found herself permanently cut from Sally's circle.

So, when Olivia was thirty-five and heard of Sally's death in a tragic car crash, she was shocked to realize her friend still had the power to hurt her. And, Livvy was stunned to learn that Sally had named her daughter after her. Drawn to William, Sally's widower, Olivia finds herself searching for answers. Despite his love for his wife, William also seemed to be a victim. And, Olivia finds secrets that she never knew, buried truths that influenced everyone that was drawn into Sally's seductive world.

Olivia's story is revealed in flashbacks to the college years, as she remembers that destructive relationship. The Last Time I Saw You draws readers into Olivia's world and her memories. We observe her change from a woman who is still dominated by powerful women, but finds the strength and power within herself to change. As much as this is Sally's story, it's also a story of a woman who find hidden resources within herself. It's a compulsively readable novel of one woman whose train-wreck of a life drags others into her world, and another woman caught up in that world for years.

Eleanor Moran's website is http://www.eleanormoran.co.uk

The Last Time I Saw You by Eleanor Moran. Quercus. 2014. ISBN 9781623651336 (paperback), 496p.

FTC Full Disclosure - I was sent this book to review for a journal.

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