Monday, April 14, 2014

Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache Series Re-read

On Friday, Louise Penny made this official announcement on her Facebook page.

"We have some fun news- we're starting a virtual, online club to re-read the Gamache books, starting with Still Life on April 21st. Each book will be discussed for two weeks, then onto the next one, culminating in the publication of The Long Way Home on August 26th.

"This will be like a gathering at Myrna's New and Used bookstore, only from your own home.

"There'll be discussions and special guests and giveaways. (But you'll have to provide your own croissants). Mostly we hope this'll be a chance to re-visit Three Pines with others who've come to know the village, and see how the characters have grown together and evolved. It's also a chance to introduce Gamache, Ruth, Clare, Gabri et al to new readers. New members of the community.

"Please tell friends and other readers, and make sure they know they're welcome to join in.

"Now you'll have to sign up for it, of course. Here's the link:

"Have fun, and see you at the first meeting. We can go over to the bistro later. (I wish)."

I wish we could go over the bistro or Myrna's as well. I hope you join us, and I do mean us. Louise's publicist at St. Martin's, Sarah Melnyk, asked me to lead the first discussion. I have the honor to introduce Still Life, the book that introduced Inspector Armand Gamache to the world. I'm a little nervous, hoping I can do justice to this book.

If you are a fan of this series, or want to discover the series, I hope you join us. Sign up now, and I'll see you next Monday for the first discussion.


Joe Barone said...

I've very much enjoyed these books. I have wondered if the last one was the last one in the series or it she would continue the series taking another turn.

Lesa said...

I have the new one, Joe. I haven't read it yet, but enough to know what the new turn will be. I can't wait to read it!

Beth Hoffman said...

This is wonderful, and you're the perfect person to lead the first discussion!

Lesa said...

Oh, I hope so, Beth. I've been taking so many notes on Still Life, I feel as if I'm rewriting the book. And, nothing needs to be rewritten in that book!

Tracy G said...

How fun! I have Still Life sitting on my TBR pile and this is the perfect reason to move it to the top. I'm looking forward to it.

Lesa said...

It is the perfect reason to move it to the top, Tracy! I hope you enjoy it.

Kaye Barley said...

This is going to be too fun!!!!!

And yes - you are absolutely the perfect person to lead off discussions on STILL LIFE!


Lesa said...

Oh, thank you, Kaye! I'm really looking forward to the comments.

Anonymous said...

Love Louise's books and love your blog. You'll be brilliant in discussion.
xo another Hoosier

holdenj said...

Well, I signed up! Looking forward to you leading that first discussion! And anxious to re read Still Life. I am a bit worried though, that any re-reading may be colored by what I know now, that I didn't know then! Either way, she's one of my favorite authors and it will be fun!

Lesa said...

Thanks for signing up everyone! I heard this week there are 100,000 people signed up. Lots of Louise Penny fans out there, or people ready to discover her. And, Holdenj? I even remembered who did it in Still Life, but I enjoyed the book. I hope you do, too!