Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Family Affair by Fern Michaels

I had never read a Fern Michaels novel until I received A Family Affair from a journal for review. And, if this one is any example, I won't be reading another one.

Trisha Holiday, a dancer at a Las Vegas casino, collapses in the parking lot just after a man offered her $1000 to have a drink with him, and she turned him down. But that man was Prince Malik Mohammed, a student in the U.S., and it's his staff that nurses her back to health since she has the flu. The perpetual student, with two Master's degrees and a Ph.D., had fallen for her, the first woman he thought he could like in seven years. But, his father in Dubai had already chosen his wife, and Malik knows he can't defy his father. However, his father's death turns Malik into Sheik Malik bin Al Mohammed, and gives him he opportunity to marry for love if Trisha will have him.

Since Trisha hasn't seen much of her only sister after her sister's divorce, she has few connections to the U.S., and she's willing to sign agreements to marry the Sheik. While the contract means she must have children, or leave Dubai forever after five years, she's too much in love to care. It's only years later that she has to take that seriously. Even when her own future is threatened, Trisha hopes to find a way to help her sister avenge herself against her creepy ex-husband.

I found A Family Affair to be a juvenile romance with unrealistic characters out of the past. Although this is a contemporary romance, the adult heroine smokes and giggles. The hero, a highly educated wealthy man, uses phrases such as "Oh golly, Miss Molly". These comments and characteristics were jarring. It was a sappy romance which felt as if it was written for a teenage audience.

Fern Michaels' website is

A Family Affair by Fern Michaels. Kensington Publishing Corp. 2014. ISBN 9780758284945 (hardcover), 272p.

FTC Full Disclosure - I was sent the book for review.


Libby Dodd said...

Perhaps a teenage audience in the 50's?

Lesa said...

Maybe so, Libby, maybe so.

Mark Baker said...

I've read two Fern Michaels novella, but only because they were part of collections that included novellas by Joanne Fluke and Laura Levine. Fern Michaels was the headliner on both, and she was the weakest story by a landslide.

Definitely won't be picking up one of her books by choice.

traveler said...

Your post was accurate. tried and never will read her books.

Lesa said...

As I said, Mark, I was sent this one to review, but, like you, I won't pick up one by choice. You're right.

Lesa said...

I don't blame you, Traveler.

Dawn Winebrenner said...

The story takes place in Las Vegas. How could it be only 7 degrees?