Sunday, March 09, 2014

Spinning in Her Grave by Molly MacRae

Molly MacRae weaves another terrific mystery in the latest in the Haunted Yarn Shop series, Spinning in Her Grave. All of the threads come together, while she still tantalizes us with the secrets behind the death of Geneva, the ghost who haunts the Weaver's Cat.

Kath Rutledge, the owner of the Weaver's Cat, a fiber and fabric shop, has never participated in the annual heritage celebration in Blue Plum, Tennessee. But, she knows the festival really wasn't more than a local argument over a pig. And, her beloved Granny had helped to write the skit about it. So, Kath didn't like J. Scott Prescott's plans to have reenactors and guns. Guns didn't fit the story. And, she certainly isn't going to allow him to put actors with guns on an upper floor of her shop. The first day of the festival, Kath and her friends in TGIF, the fiber and needlework group, are all working in her tent when a troublesome woman is shot. Most people couldn't stand Reva Louise Snapp. Kath can't stand knowing someone stood at an upper window in the Weaver's Cat, and shot Reva Louise.

When Deputy Cole Dunbar won't listen to Kath's suspicions about the shooting, she and her assistant, Ardis, gather the TGIF group together to pool information and find a killer. Even Geneva, the ghost that appears only to Kath, supplies information, although she's an unreliable witness at times. But, they all turn to Kath, trusting her to follow the threads to the logical conclusion. Kath wants answers since her shop seems to be at the heart of the crime, but she does question the wisdom of the sleuthing. 'When had investigating murder replaced inspecting eighteenth-century woolens for vermin as my "as usual" activity?'

Molly MacRae once again reunites a colorful cast of characters, alive and dead, to piece together the solution to the crime. And, they may bumble into the solution, but it's a satisfying resolution to a murder that disturbs the atmosphere in Blue Plum. MacRae's Spinning in Her Grave is a rich fabric of murder, touches of romance, a lingering cold case, and vibrant characters.

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Spinning in Her Grave by Molly MacRae. Obsidian. 2014. ISBN 9780451240644 (paperback), 341p.

FTC Full Disclosure - The publisher sent me a copy of the book, hoping I would review it.

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