Monday, March 17, 2014

Remnants of Murder by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Shouldn't a ninety-one-year-old man be allowed to die in peace? That's what Tori Sinclair and the women of the Southern Sewing Circle think. And, their interference puts them in opposition to most of the townspeople of Sweet Briar, South Carolina in Elizabeth Lynn Casey's Remnants of Murder.

When Library Director Tori Sinclair is forced to cut the budget, she also has to let go of her predecessor, Dixie Dunn. But, Dixie quickly finds a job as a volunteer for Home Fare. She doesn't have much time to get to know her client, Clyde Montgomery, before she finds him dead. But, it doesn't feel right to Dixie, and she works on Tori until the librarian finds a possible cause of the man's death. Someone in town might have resorted to poison to kill a ninety-one-year-old man. Unfortunately, it could be almost any businessperson in town. They all coveted Clyde's land.

Clyde Montgomery owned the best piece of land in town, with a spectacular lake view. Convinced a resort would mean new roads, more money for schools, income for the town and store owners, many of the business people urged Clyde to sell his land. Even bribes of chocolate-covered cherries and homemade pie didn't work. But someone didn't want to wait for an old man to die.

As Tori helps Dixie and other members of the Southern Sewing Circle investigate, she also finds herself in trouble, neglecting her fiancé. Soon, he's convinced she would rather spend time hunting for a killer than hunting for a wedding dress. And, Tori, sensitive to the moods of all around her, is under pressure to find a killer and a cake.

Elizabeth Lynn Casey brings us another small town mystery filled with a charming cast of characters. There's laughter, as some of the characters have a few eccentricities, and a few vocal feuds. But, Casey is quick to point out that there's a killer walking the streets of Sweet Briar, and no one should be eager to celebrate the death of a victim. It's up to Tori Sinclair and her friends in the Southern Sewing Circle to put aside their personal worries, and find the killer in their midst. Remnants of Murder succeeds as a cozy mystery with a fun cast, a touch of romance, and, of course, tragedy resolved.

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Remnants of Murder by Elizabeth Lynn Casey. Center Point. 2013. ISBN 9781611738629 (Large Print hardcover), 335p.

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Beth Hoffman said...

This sounds like a fun read! Happy Monday, Lesa.

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VERY Happy Monday, Beth! Big hugs!

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I enjoy this series, and I look forward to reading this one! =)