Monday, March 24, 2014

Left Coast Crime Awards Banquet 2014

Some of the pictures in a banquet hall at 10 at night can be a little dark, but I'm sharing them anyways. I thought the Left Coast Crime Awards Banquet on Saturday night was a lot of fun, beginning even before the banquet. I was posing for a picture with Margie Bunting when Catriona McPherson called "Photobomb!", and hopped into the picture. Love it!
Catriona, Margie and Me

Brad Parks was Toastmaster. I sat at his table, and joked with him that his father was a wonderful host. Brad had to save his voice for a long evening.

People really clean up nicely for an awards banquet, beginning with the Toastmaster.

And, check out his warm-up poses to prepare for the evening, taken from a TED talk.

He even led the crowd in "Happy Birthday" to Jen Forbus, who works on his website. Many of you know Jen from her terrific site, Jen's Book Thoughts.

After his trademark songs, and his poses, Brad turned to introducing the Guests of Honor for Left Coast Crime, beginning with the Fan Guest of Honor, Sue Trowbridge. The U.S. Guest of Honor was author Cara Black.
Cara Black and Brad Parks

The International Guest of Honor was Louise Penny.

And, the Lifetime Achievement Honerees were Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini.

From there, it was time to bring in former Toastmasters to present the awards.
Two toastmasters, Alan Russell and Brad Parks

William Kent Krueger

Alan Russell announced that William Kent Krueger won the Squid Award for best mystery novel set within the United States for his book, Ordinary Grace.

Catriona McPherson
Catriona McPherson was a popular winner. She won the Bruce Alexander Memorial Historical Mystery Award for Dandy Gilver and a Bothersome Number of Corpses.
Gary Phillips
Gary Phillips came to the stage to introduce the winner of The Calamari, the award for the best mystery novel set anywhere else in the world.

Louise Penny won for How the Light Gets In.

And, the final award of the evening, appropriately enough, went to our Toastmaster, Brad Parks. He won the Lefty for the most humorous mystery for The Good Cop.

It was a fun evening, filled with song, humor, wonderful mystery authors, ending in a party in the bar. (Don't all mystery conferences end in the bar?)


Kaye Barley said...

Thanks for the fun reports and pictures, Lesa. This looks like it was a really great conference - wish I could have been there!

Beth Hoffman said...

What a terrific conference. I'm so envious that you got to hear William Kent Krueger speak. His "Ordinary Grace" is one of my favorite books.

Mark Baker said...

You know, the two times I have gone to LCC, I've never been in the bar. Obviously, I'm missing out.

Thanks for the photos and the report.

Lesa said...

Fabulous conference, best mystery conference I've ever been to. I haven't read Ordinary Grace, Beth, but I think I need to if it's one of your favorites.

Well, maybe I just hang out with the group that does hang out in the bar, Mark.

Melissa @ My Recent Favorite Books said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Diane Vallere said...

Great summary, Lesa. Wonderful to meet you face to face!

Lesa said...

I did have a wonderful time, Melissa. It was so nice to meet you as well, Diane.