Saturday, March 01, 2014

April Treasures in My Closet

April! I'm hoping spring will FINALLY be here by then to go with all the wonderful books in my closet. Check out these books that are due out in April.

Destroyer Angel is Nevada Barr's latest Anna Pigeon novel. Park Ranger Anna Pigeon takes a vacation with her girlfriends, a camping trip to the Iron Range in upstate Minnesota. But, after a solo canoe trip, she returns to find her friends held captive. It's up to her to do everything she can to save them. (Release date is April 1.)

Max Brooks brings us a graphic novel illustrated by Caanan White, The Harlem Hellfighters. It's the fictionalized account of the 369th Infantry Regiment, the first African American regiment mustered to fight in World War I. (Release date is April 1.)

Lady's maid Lucy Campion survived the Great Fire of 1666 that decimated an already plague-ridden London in Susanna Calkins'  From the Charred Remains. When two boys find a dead body that should have burned up but didn't, it's the body of a man who died from the knife plunged into his chest. Lucy soon finds herself caught up in the murder investigation. (Release date is April 22.)

Blood Always Tells by Hilary Davidson is "a twisted tale of love, crime, and family gone wrong". Dominique Monaghan wanted to get even with her two-timing, married boyfriend, but an elaborate blackmail scheme soon lands her in the middle of an unexpected kidnapping, and attempted murder. (Release date is April 15.)

I'm a big fan of Vicki Delany's Constable Molly Smith series. In Under Cold Stone, an unlikely couple take a vacation to the Rocky Mountains, old-time hippy Lucky Smith and Chief Constable of Trafalgar, British Columbia Paul Keller. When Paul's estranged son, Matt, becomes a murder suspect, Keller can only watch. Lucky's daughter, Constable Molly Smith goes from offering support to interfering with the investigation. (Release date is April 1.)

Lauren Francis-Sharma's debut novel is 'Til the Well Runs Dry, a multigenerational story that sweeps from the 1940s through the 1960s in Trinidad and the United States. When a young seamstress raising two small boys and guarding a family secret meets an ambitious young policeman, her life changes forever. It's a story that sees the couple through their courtship through personal and historical events, and tangles them in a scandal that puts the future in doubt for all of them. (Release date is April 22.)

According to author Sophie Littlefield, Michelle Gable's debut novel, A Paris Apartment "winds between past and present, between two passionate women and their lives, loves, and fortunes." When April Vogt's boss tells her about the discoveries in a cramped, decrepit apartment, the Sotheby's Continental furniture specialist only hears the word "Paris". Once there, she discovers the letters and journals of the woman in a striking portrait. As she digs into the woman's life, April finds herself taking a deeper look into her own. (Release date is April 22.)

I find novels of psychological suspense creepy. Samantha Hayes' Until You're Mine is about a pregnant woman with two young stepsons and a husband who travels. With a job of her own, she hires Zoe to help her around the house. But, the news stories of vicious attacks on pregnant women in the area begin to prey on Claudia, and something about Zoe begins to bother her. Digging into Zoe's past begins to make her wonder. How far would someone go to have a child of her own? (Release date is April 15.)

How many novels examine the scars of war on female soldiers? Cara Hoffman's Be Safe I Love You is about Lauren Clay. She returned from a tour of duty in Iraq, and her father is so happy to have her home he ignores the warning signs, her odd behavior and the repeated phone calls from an Army psychologist. Things seem better when Lauren offers to take her younger brother to visit their mother. Instead, she guides him into the glacial woods of Canada on a quest of her own. What happens there will change the family forever. (Release date is April 1.)

Financial crimes investigator Seamus McCree is the hero of James M. Jackson's Cabin Fever. After McCree retreats to the family cabin in the wilds of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, he finds a naked woman on his porch during a blizzard, suffering from hypothermia, frostbite, high fevers, amnesia, and rope burns on her wrists and ankles. While he tries to keep her alive and get a message, a domestic paramilitary organization is closing in as they hunt for an escaped female prisoner. (Release date is April 8.)

Julia MacDonnell brings us the story of second chances and late-life romances in Mimi Malloy At Last. Mimi Malloy was from a large Irish Catholic family, and had six beautiful daughters herself. Forced into early retirement, she's enjoying it until an MRI reveals black spots on her brain. Prepared to take a stand against living out her days in an "Old Timer's Home", the discovery of an old pendant starts to bring back memories. (Release date is April 8.)

Thunderstruck & Other Stories is Elizabeth McCracken's first short story collection in twenty years. At the center of the stories "is often a jagged space left by loss." From the author of The Giant's House. (Release date is April 22.)

A Dark Song of Blood is the third book in Ben Pastor's Martin Bora series. In early 1944, Rome endures the last days of Nazi occupation. While the Nazi world is falling apart, Baron Martin von Bora, an officer of the Wehrmacht torn between his sense of duty and his opposition to SS policies, has the complex and delicate task of solving three murders. With Inspector Sandro Guidi at this side, Bora confronts crime, war and dictatorship. (Release date is April 15.)

LynDee Walker's latest Headlines in High Heels mystery is Small Town Spin. Crime reporter Nichelle Clarke gets the inside scoop when a superstar athlete's son turns up dead. But, she quickly spies a gaping hole in the story, and becomes determined to unravel the mystery. She uncovers an illegal moonshine operation, a string of copycat suicides, and, finally, realizes too late the culprit has her number. (Release date is April 8.)

So, what do you think of April? Are there any books here that jump out at you? Any April treasures?


Harvee Lau said...

I am eyeing the Nevada Barr book! I love the Anna Pigeon series!
Book Dilettante

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I’ve added the Nevada Barr, Vicki Delaney and A Paris Apartment to my (never ending) book list. And thanks for being upfront about your opinion of psychological suspense; it creeps me out too. Liz

Lesa said...

Good! I'm glad one of the books jumped out at you, Harvee.

Lesa said...


I send read psychological suspense for that very reason. Tough to get through. It makes me uncomfortable.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Lesa, whenever I see your list of upcoming releases, I'm tempted to stop this writing nonsense and spend all my time reading. These look so good.

Lesa said...

Now, now, Patricia. And, when I see the list, I'd like to stop working and just read. Neither of us are allowed to quit!