Sunday, February 09, 2014

Random Report

I do monthly book chats featuring books from Penguin's Berkley Prime Crime and Obsidian. And, I've covered books from Macmillan before. Today, it's time to talk about forthcoming books from Random House because I received a terrific box containing ten of their publications. It's a nice looking group, but there's one I'm really excited about. I'll tell you which one when I get there.

Chris Beckett's Dark Eden won the 2013 Arthur C. Clarke Award for best science fiction novel of the year. Part parable, part coming-of-age novel, it's set on the alien, sunless planet called Eden, where 532 members of the Family wait for boats to return from the stars. But, young John Redlantern will abandon the old ways, venture into the Dark, and discover the truth about their world. (Release date is April 1)

Miranda Beverly-Whittemore's Bittersweet takes readers inside the Winslow dynasty, and shows it through the eyes of a young woman who hungers to belong. But, once Mabel Dagmar becomes an insider, she makes a discovery that leads to shocking violence and reveals the true source of the family's fortune. Now, Mabel has a terrible choice to make, expose the ugliness, and face expulsion from what she sees as paradise, or keep the secret, and redefine good and evil. (Release date is May 13)

Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer Kai Bird brings us The Good Spy, the compelling portrait of Robert Ames. It's the story of the life and death of one of the most important operatives in CIA history - "a man who had he lived, might have helped heal the rift between Arabs and the West". But, the April 18, 1983 bomb that exploded outside the American embassy in Beirut killed 63 people, including Ames. (Release date is May 20)

Bestselling author Max Brooks tells the fictionalized story of the highly decorated historic black regiment, the Harlem Hellfighters in his graphic novel, The Harlem Hellfighters, illustrated by Caanan White. The 369th Infantry Regiment became one of the most successful, and least celebrated regiments of World War I, the first African American regiment mustered to fight the war. It's a story of courage, honor, and heart based on true events. (Release date is April 1)

Well, the title of the next book really says it's all. Jane Fonda's book is Being a Teen: Everything Teen Girls & Boys Should Know About Relationships, Sex, Love, Health, Identity & More. (Release date is March 4)

Peter Heller, the author of The Dog Stars, now brings us The Painter. It's the story of an artist trying to control his anger while trying to escape his violent past. Jim Stegner, a well-known artist, once shot a man in a bar. The man lived; Stegner served his time, and he's now living in Canada. He's changed his life to control his temper, but when he comes across a man beating a horse one day, everything changes. Stegner goes looking for the man, and then has to make sense of his actions. (Release date is May 6)

There's no cover image available for Elizabeth McCracken's Thunderstruck & Other Stories. The author of The Giant's House has her first story collection in twenty years. There are nine stories centered on "a jagged space left by loss. (Release date is April 22)

Here's the book I'm most excited about, Ruth Reichl's fiction debut, Delicious! Yes, that Ruth Reichl, author of the memoirs Tender at the Bone and Comfort Me with Apples. First, I love the cover. And, there's a conversation with Ruth Reichl and Ann Patchett included at the end of the book. It's a food novel. What's not to anticipate? When Billie Breslin left California, she took a job at Delicious!, the most iconic food magazine in New York. When it abruptly closed, she accepted an interim job in the magazine's library, a job that led to a magical discovery. Billie finds the letters from a twelve-year-old to legendary chef James Beard written during World War II. The letters provide Billie with a deeper understanding of history, the history of food, and her own life. (Release date is May 6)

Alexander McCall Smith's The Forever Girl is out this week. It's a novel about love, following one's heart, and the unexpected places it may lead. Amanda and her husband David are raising their two children with other ex-pats on Grand Cayman Island. It's there that their daughter Clover falls in love with her best friend James. At the same time, Amanda realizes she's fallen out of love with David. When Clover and James leave the island for boarding school, Clover feels she may have lost him forever. It's a story of two couples, love and heartbreak. (Release date is Feb. 11)

And, the last novel is a sultry summer release, The Lemon Grove by Helen
Walsh. Called a "steamy pageturner", it's the story of a May-December affair from the woman's point of view. Jenn and Greg are enjoying the last days of their summer holiday in Majorca when their teenage daughter arrives with her boyfriend in tow. And, Jenn finds herself attracted to the reckless, mesmerizing Nathan. (Release date is July 8)

It's an interesting selection of books, too good to not share. Thanks to Random House for a tantalizing selection of books.


Beth Hoffman said...

Nice mix of books, Lesa. The synopsis for "Bittersweet" grabbed my attention.

Hope you and the kitties have a lovely Sunday, my friend!

Lesa said...

Thanks, Beth! Relaxing Sunday, which we all needed. It is a nice mix, isn't it?