Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Large Print: An Unshelved Collection by Gene Ambaum & Bill Barnes

Are you curious as to what really goes on in public libraries? Dewey knows! That's Dewey, the teen librarian in Gene Ambaum & Bill Barnes comic strip, Unshelved, set in the Mallville Public Library. I had a stack of the Unshelved collections at home, and just finished the last in the stack, Large Print. Ambaum and Barnes have been spending way too much time listening to librarians talk.

Here's the quote on the back of the book. "What do you get when you mix adults, teenagers, children, seniors, professionals, parents, teachers, students, homeschoolers, the homeless? That very funniest of places, your local public library, home of the hugely popular comic strip Unshelved." Ambaum and Barnes take readers behind the scenes and onto the floor of the library, showing day-to-day life. And, the truth? Libraries really are like the Mallville Public Library where Dewey works.

Dewey works with a full staff, a children's librarian who loves storytime and rainbows. another library who hates the Internet, a manager who doesn't want to face the public. And, Dewey, our hero, works with the public day after day. Unshelved even provides Dewey with the opportunity to do book talks. The comic often contains strips that highlight the plot of a book the authors find interesting.

Will you love the Unshelved cartoons if you don't work in libraries? If you spend much time in libraries, you'll recognize the characters. But, if you've ever worked in a library and haven't checked out this comic, you're overdue. You can check it out at www.Unshelved.com, and, if you like it, you can have it delivered to your email daily.

Large Print: An Unshelved Collection by Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes. Overdue Media. 2010. ISBN 9780974035376 (paperback), 127p.

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Jane R said...

Whoa, have I been living under a rock? I've never heard of this comic strip! All I can say is it's about time! Librarians and libraries are proving grounds for humor. I will definitely be requesting a daily dose of Unshelved for my in-box (along with Zits and Red and Rover)!

Lesa said...

My sister said the same thing, Jane. She asked why she didn't know about this earlier. I love my daily dose of Unshelved.