Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Tale of Two Biddies by Kylie Logan

There's just something about Kylie Logan's League of Literary Ladies mysteries that draw me back. It might be the setting of Put-in-Bay, the village on South Bass Island in Lake Erie. It might be the unusual situation of three women sentenced to belong to a book discussion group. And, Put-in-Bay really does do unusual celebrations to attract tourists, so Bastille Day celebrations wouldn't be so off-the-mark there. So, enter the celebration of the French Revolution on Put-in-Bay, where naturally A Tale of Two Biddies leads to murder.

Before visitors even arrive at Bea Cartwright's bed-and-breakfast for the Bastille Day celebrations, the islanders themselves are celebrating. But, their picnics are broken up by lightning and thunder, and a man in the water. People were glad that Ritchie Monroe was rescued, but no one believed him when he claimed he was pushed. Most of the islanders had little use for Ritchie. His carelessness caused too many accidents. One man lost his business due to Ritchie's actions; one lost his new mansion, and another had a damaged boat. Sure, people had reasons to dislike Ritchie. But, no one believed him when he said he was pushed.

Bea has too much on her hands to worry about Ritchie. There's the aging boy band, Guillotine, staying at her B and B,  who bring their own fans and problems. There are a few Charles Dickens impersonators staying there as well, bitter rivals. And, she and her new friends are reading A Tale of Two Cities, a perfect selection for Bastille Days. But, when an islander ends up dead, Bea and the League of Literary Ladies are determined to find answers.

Last year, my sister complained that the first book in this series had little local color. She's right. The book really could take place in any island community. It's one of the problems when an author uses an actual location, and people know the setting. And, it's another book that had a solution that I guessed early. Saying that, it's still a fun story with all the references to Dickens and A Tale of Two Cities. The biggest mysteries in the book remain the secrets in Bea's life and her new relationship to a secretive bartender. But, those are secrets that will have to be told in another mystery. This mystery really is A Tale of Two Biddies.

Kylie Logan's website is

A Tale of Two Biddies by Kylie Logan. Berkley. 2014. ISBN 9780425257760 (paperback), 296p.

FTC Full Disclosure - The publisher sent me a copy of the book, hoping I would review it.


Melissa @ My Recent Favorite Books said...

I've read this book, and really enjoyed it!
Wonderful review!

Lesa said...

Thanks, Melissa. I'm glad you enjoyed it!