Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Arrivals

I have such an interesting collection of new books that I wanted to share. Let's talk forthcoming novels.

I'm starting off with the new Conway Sax mystery by Steve Ulfelder, Wolverine Bros. Freight & Storage. Sax heads to Los Angeles to track down Kenny Spoon, a former TV star who has been kidnapped. It's a favor for a friend, Eudora Spoon, a fellow member of the Barnburners, a maverick AA group that Conway helps. But, after he brings him home, Conway finds himself caught between Eudora and her two sons. When Eudora is then shot, her dying words set Sax on a course of revenge. (May 6 release)

Mariah Stewart returns with her latest Chesapeake Diaries novel, At the River's Edge. Sophie Enright decides to take a break from a dull law career and a two-timing boyfriend by visiting her brother in St. Dennis, Maryland. Her impulsive purchase of an old restaurant leads to sparks with her new neighbor who wanted the property. It isn't long before sparks fly in another way between the couple. (Jan. 28 release)

The versatile Sophie Littlefield brings us House of Glass. Jen Glass' life
appears perfect from the outside, but it's actually on the verge of collapse. Her marriage is falling apart; their fifteen-year-old daughter grows more distant, and their five-year-old son barely speaks. Then one evening, two men force their way into the Glasses' house, and hold the family hostage for more than forty-eight hours. Now, Jen and her husband will do anything to keep the family safe, even if it means risking their own lives. (Feb. 25 release)

Thanks to the Internet, America has become a playground for ruthless scam artists out to make an easy buck, and of course they come from Florida. So, Tim Dorsey's Serge Storm decides to tackle the problem in the hilarious Tiger Shrimp Tango. When one scam leads to the death of a few innocents and a young woman's disappearance, Serge and his sidekick Coleman head out on a road trip to do right. (Jan. 28 release)

It's the summer of 1944 in Elderberry, Georgia, and as WWII rages on, Miss Dimple Kilpatrick soon learns that not all villains are overseas in  Miss Dimple Picks a Peck of Trouble by Mignon F. Ballard. When an eighteen-year-old girl goes missing, and is later found murdered, Miss Dimple and her fellow teachers-turned-sleuths are determined to find the killer. (Feb. 4 release)

Circle of Influence is the first Zoe Chambers mystery by Annette Dashofy. Zoe, paramedic and deputy coroner in rural Pennsylvania's tight-knit Vance Township, has been privy to a number of local secrets over the years. But secrets become explosive when a dead body is found in the Township Board President's abandoned car. As a January blizzard rages, Zoe and Police Chief Pete Adams launch a desperate search for the killer, even if it means uncovering secrets that could not only destroy Zoe and Pete, but also those closest to them. (March 25 release)

In Samuel W. Gailey's debut novel Deep Winter, the most vulnerable
resident of an isolated Pennsylvania town is blamed for a devastating murder - and the local police struggle to untangle the killer's treacherous plan before the storm. Danny is a gentle simpleminded giant who doesn't know what to make of the body he discovers one cold winter evening, that of Mindy, his only friend. And, everyone in town is willing to believe Danny has finally hurt someone. But, the delicate balance of the community threatens to spin out of control as a deputy, the sheriff, and a state trooper investigate. (Feb. 20 release)

The Poor Boy's Game is Dennis Tafoya's latest novel. When US Marshal Frannie Mullen gets one of her best friends shot during a routine apprehension, her career is over. Still reeling from the loss, Frannie is trying to support her newly-sober sister as she struggles with the fallout of their unstable, violent childhood. Their father is a thug, a vicious enforcer for a corrupt Philadelphia union, and when he escapes from prison, bodies of ex-rivals and witnesses begin piling up. Now, she's suspected as an accomplice, and forced to fight to protect her sister from the most dangerous criminal she's ever faced - her own father. (April 29 release)

Just a few titles to add to your TBR (to be read) pile.


steve said...

they are my favourit books I never want your books to end

Lesa said...

Well, thank you, Steve. I don't want them to end, either.

Karen C said...

The only one that I have on my wish list is At The River's Edge, but the others sound soooo good!