Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Starling by Sage Stossel

Have you ever really thought about the personal life of a superhero? Oh, sure. Clark Kent was a
newspaperman. A little nerdy. But what happens when you're a female superhero and your personal life is a mess? It's not easy as Sage Stossel reveals in the graphic novel Starling.

Amy Sturgess is seeing a psychiatrist, one of only two people who know about her secret identity as Starling, a superhero. Amy's life has been a mess. As a young girl, classmates made fun of her since she always smelled like cats, growing up in a household where her mother cared more for her thirty-six cats than her husband and kids. It wasn't until Amy hit puberty and discovered she had a few powers, speed, and electric sparks shooting from hr hands, that she actually had a few friends. And, then the Vigilante Justice Association found her, revealed she had one more power, and asked her to with with them to protect the public good. Amy Strugess' secret identity as Starling was born.

There are just a couple problems with being a superhero. First, it's messing with Amy's career in marketing. One of her co-workers tries to steal her work because she disappears frequently. And, it's hard to keep a boyfriend when he can be shocked when she touches him. Somehow Amy Sturgess needs to find a way to save herself, not just other people.

Sage Stossel takes a graphic novel and the story of a superhero and makes it relevant in today's world. It's a graphic novel for working women trying to cope with busy lives. Amy is a working woman with a life a little more complex than many, but Sage Stossel makes her seem just like the troubled woman next door. Stossel takes Amy through all kinds of troubles until she has to find a way to become a superhero in her own life.

Sage Stossel's website is www.sagestossel.com

Starling by Sage Stossel. InkLit. 2013. ISBN 9780425266311 (paperback).

FTC Full Disclosure - The publisher sent me a copy of the book hoping I would review it.

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