Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Arrivals

Since my mailbox was frozen shut since last Thursday, and the office was closed due to weather, I picked up a load of mail today, Christmas cards and books. So, let's share the books that arrived.

I'm going to start with a sad one. The Ways of Evil Men is the late Leighton Gage's last Mario Silva Investigation. It' a story of genocide, when only two members of a tribe are left alive in the remote Amazon jungle. Silva and his team are sent to investigate just as the last surviving Awana man is framed for murder. I'm going to miss Mario Silva and his team, but I'm going to miss Leighton Gage even more. (It's a Jan. 21 release.)

One of my other favorite people in the mystery world is Hilary Davidson. Her next crime novel is Blood Always Tells, "a twisted tale of love, crime, and family gone wrong". Dominique Monaghan just wanted to get even with her two-timing boyfriend, but an elaborate blackmail scheme lands her in the middle of an unexpected kidnapping and attempted murder. When Dominique's older brother receives a frantic call, he drops everything to help her navigate a tangled web of murder and deception. (April 15 release with no cover photo.)

Murder with Ganache is the next book in Lucy Burdette's Key West Food Critic series. Hayley Snow has her hands full when she agrees to bake more than two hundred cupcakes for her friend Connie's wedding while still meeting her writing deadlines. She doesn't really need family drama, but her parents blow into town like a hurricane, and her stepbrother becomes involved in a murder. Feb. 4 release.

From Key West we move to the mountains during a blizzard in M.L. Rowland's Zero-Degree Murder  . It's the first in a new search and rescue mystery series. Grace Kinkaid risks her life on a daily basis to save strangers. But, going up against a cold-hearted murderer is a danger she's not prepared for. A Thanksgiving call that four hikers are missing turns into an attempt to keep one man alive while a killer lurks somewhere in the dark. Jan. 7 release.

Annie Knox' Paws for Murder is also the first in a new series. Izzy McHale wants her new Trendy Tails Pet Boutique in Merryville, Minnesota, to be the height of canine couture and feline fashions. But at the store's opening, it turns out it's a human who's dressed to kill, and it's Izzy's best friend at the top of the suspect list. Jan. 7 release.

Dead Between the Lines is Denise Swanson's latest Devereaux's Dime Store Mystery. In order to keep her new business in the black, Dev Sinclair opens up her shop to local clubs. But, she finds out how seriously readers take their books when the first meeting of the Stepping Out Book Club ends with the speaker storming out. Later that night, the man is found dead outside the store. With the help of her two suitors, Dev sets out to investigate, but she could become the final chapter in the murder mystery. March 4 release.

James Swanson's End of Days is already out. It's a minute-by-minute account of the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, told by the author of the New York Times bestseller Manhunt.

Tapestry of Lies by Carol Ann Martin features Della Wright and her weaving studio in Briar Hollow, North Carolina. Della is thrilled when a celebrity designer places a large custom-fabric order for the local millionaire who is announcing his candidacy for governor. But, that announcement is overshadowed by the murder of a local shop owner. And, Della's best friend is one of the suspects. Jan. 7 release.

Victoria Laurie brings her ghost busters home to Boston in The Ghoul Next Door.But, M.J. Holliday and her team agree to help her ex, whose future brother-in-law, Luke, seems to be possessed by a sinister spirit. And, when Luke goes outside in the middle of the night and returns hours later covered in blood, they are all concerned, particularly when the news reports the murder of a young woman in the neighborhood. Jan. 7 release.

The one book on the list today that doesn't involve murder is out of Australia. Life in Half a Second: How to Achieve Success Before It's Too Late. The premise is "Life is short, too short. In the grand scheme of the universe, you only have have a second to live - half a second to pursue your dreams, live fully, and succeed. You don't have a moment to lose."
Matthew Michalewicz is the author of

And, looking at this list of books, none of us have a moment to lose. It's defintely true, "So many books. So little time." Tell me what you're planning to read.


Beth Hoffman said...

That's a terrific variety of books to match just about every reading mood! I'll be watching for your review of "Life in Half a Second"

SandyG265 said...

I already have holds in at the library for Paws for Murder and The Ghoul Next Door. I also want to read Murder with Ganache and Zero-Degree Murder.

Lesa said...

Isn't a great variety, Beth? Looking forward to a number of them. Sandy, some of those books will be appearing again on my January book chat, but the Berkley Prime Crime books haven't arrived yet.

Joe Barone said...

I too am sad to see the final Leighton Gage. I've pre-ordered it.

Lesa said...

I understand, Joe. I'm going to miss Leighton and Mario.

Carol N Wong said...

I chuckled about the mail box being frozen shut. That sounds like Indiana, my home state. I am living in Texas now and we lost power for 2 1/2 days. It really made me appreciate heat and being able to cook and heat things up. Looks like another great batch of books!

Lesa said...

I'd rather have my mail box frozen shut, Carol, than lose power for 2 1/2 days! I'm glad you're OK, and have power again. It does look like a terrific batch of books, doesn't it?

Karen C said...

They all sound good, but the one that really captured my attention was Zero-Degree Murder.

Carol sounds like she's from my part of Texas. We didn't lose power, but the weather did play havoc with travel due to all the ice.

Lesa said...

The author of Zero-Degree Murder is doing a guest post for me in January. The post is fascinating, Karen. I think you'll appreciate it.