Friday, December 20, 2013

Laurie Cass, Guest Blogger

Today, I'd like to welcome Laurie Cass to the blog. I was interested in Laurie's new series because it 
features a bookmobile librarian and a bookmobile cat. And, when I mentioned Lending a Paw to our bookmobile librarian, it turned out she had met Laurie at the annual bookmobile convention. It's a small world when it comes to libraries.

But, Laurie isn't here today to talk about libraries or bookmobiles. She's here to talk about cats. Thank you, Laurie.

What We Did When Eddie Got Weird

The first book in my bookmobile cat series, Lending a Paw, was recently released, and from what I’ve heard, people across the country are falling in love with Eddie, the bookmobile cat.

Clearly, I did not do my job as a writer.

The fictional Eddie is based on a real cat, and while my husband and I love the real version very much, he is a strange creature. I’ve had cats and dogs most of my life and I can state, with great confidence, that he is the oddest feline I’ve ever met in my life.

How odd is he? Let me count the ways…no, never mind. We don’t have the time. Let’s do a “for instance” instead. Back a few years ago, our two older cats, a sister and a brother, both passed away within a few months of each other. It was a sad time, but they’d had long happy lives and though my husband and I grieved for them, we understood that even the best cats don’t live forever.

Eddie, however, didn’t understand. At all. Eddie was used to having cat friends in the house. He liked to play with the other two, to sleep with them, to occasionally sleep on them, and to behave in the annoying ways that little brothers can.

But when it became clear to him that he was the only feline in the house, he turned weird. And I mean really weird. Eddie has always had more than his fair share of personality, but each of his quirky traits expanded to extreme levels during his solo weeks.

He destroyed roll after roll of toilet paper.

At three in the morning he would try to sleep on our heads.

When we got home from work, he would follow us around for an hour, whining and whining and whining and no amount of cuddling would get him to calm down.

Weirdest of all, he wouldn’t eat his food unless we followed him to it. Truth. He would stand in the middle of the kitchen floor, make direct eye contact with one of us, and howl at the top of his kitty lungs until he was followed out of the kitchen, down the hall, through the bathroom, and into the mechanical room where his bowl of cat food lived.

Like I said; weird.

I’m not the brightest bulb in the box, but it didn’t take even me very long to figure out that Eddie needed a friend. The next week, we took a trip to the local animal shelter, found a young female who was the cutest, cuddliest cat imaginable, and brought her home. Two hours later they were side by side on my lap, purring as if they’d been practicing all their lives for the moment.

Eddie’s extreme weirdness instantly vanished and has only reappeared in small doses. My husband claims that we were tricked into getting another cat, but I think Eddie was telling us that he needed a friend in the only way he knew how. Weird. Loveable, but weird.

Which makes me think that maybe that’s what Eddie’s new fans are picking up on, that I love my cat dearly. Even if he is weird.

Laurie Cass grew up in Michigan and graduated from Eastern Michigan University in the 80’s with a (mostly unused) Bachelor of Science degree in geology. Currently, Laurie and her husband share their house with two cats, the inestimable Eddie, and the adorably cute Sinii. When Laurie isn’t writing, she’s working at her day job, reading, yanking weeds out of her garden, or doing some variety of skiing. Laurie also writes the PTA Mystery Series under the name Laura Alden.

Laurie Cass' website is

Lending a Paw by Laurie Cass. Signet. 2013. ISBN 9780451415462, 352p.


SandyG265 said...

I just got this out of the library yesterday but haven't started it yet.

Libby Dodd said...

We had two cats. They lived in the same space, but didn't have a lot to do with each other. Then one died. The remaining cat wandered the house, going from room to room, howling. She was obviously looking for the missing cat. It was quite sad and disturbing. We got a kitten to keep her company. He was more than she'd asked for! He wanted a combination mommy cat to cuddle and litter mate to play with. They worked it out eventually. Once a day the little one got to chase the older one around the house. When she'd had enough, she'd stop, give him a whack with her paw, and the game was done for the day!

Lesa said...

I'm looking forward to reading it. I have it, but just haven't had a chance. Busy season.

Oh, Libby! I'm so glad you added a second cat to the household, although he wasn't quite what your older cat expected.

Lola said...

Now I want to read her book all the more! Bookmobiles AND cats. Life is good.

Laurie Cass said...

Libby, I love your story about your older cat teaching the youngster what's what :) And I hope everyone who reads the book enjoys it. Happy holidays to all!

Linda Rima said...

I'm a librarian so bookmobile & cats- definitely a winner in my book. Hope it's a series!

Happy Hanukwanzmas - Merry everything!

Ingrid King said...

This sounds like a wonderful book, and right up my alley! Loved your story about how quickly Eddie accepted his new friend.

Lesa said...

Wasn't that a fun story, Ingrid? I enjoyed the story about Eddie.