Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Arrivals

I was so excited about some of the books that arrived today that I decided it was time to share. Check out this list of titles.

Billionaire Blend is the thirteenth entry in Cleo Coyle's Coffeehouse series. A charming billionaire hires coffeehouse manager Clare Cosi to create the world's most expensive coffee blend. But is this man a target? Or a master of murder? Watch for this one! When I review it on December 5, I'll be offering an autographed copy. Release date is Dec. 3.

Ann Cleeves returns to her wonderful Shetland Island series with Dead Water. Inspector Jimmy Perez may have been away for a while, but when the body of a journalist is found, his local knowledge is needed to help Detective Inspector Willow Reeves work the case. Release date is Feb. 18.

Park ranger Anna Pigeon returns in Nevada Barr's Destroyer Angel. While on a camping trip in Minnesota's Iron Range, Anna heads away from her group for some time alone. But, while she's gone, the group is taken hostage by four armed men. Even while they march the group through the wilderness, Anna stays one step behind. She might not be armed, but she has an advantage. She knows how to survive in the wilderness, and how to stalk her prey. Release date is April 22.

Kay Hooper also takes her characters into the wilderness in Hostage. In the fourteenth novel in the Bishop/SCU series, Haven operative Luther Brinkman is sent into the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee to locate escaped felon Cole Jacoby, a mentally unstable bank robber. When Brinkman is severely wounded, Special Agent Callie Davis is sent to locate him. But the rescue mission turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse with the worst monster either operative has ever encountered. release date is Nov. 26.

I specialize is reviews of crime fiction, but Julia MacDonnell's Mimi Malloy At Last! looks fun. Mimi Malloy was forced into an early retirement. She enjoys the simple things in life until an MRI reveals black spots on her brain, signs of atrophy. While she prepares to fight her eldest daughter's plans to move her into an "Old Timer's Home", she finds a pendant that brings back memories. This story of second chances and late-life romances will be released April 8.

In Don Passman's The Amazing Harvey, struggling magician Harvey Kendall is suspected of a murder he could not have committed, and he must use his talents to pull of the greatest escape of his career. Becasue of Harvey's background in illusion, he's a natural sleuth. In a race against the clock, he must prove his innocence by convincing everyone what exactly is truth and what is pure illusion.

Robert, Earl of Locksley, returns in Warlord: A Novel of Robin Hood by Angus Donald. King Richard I, the Lionheart, is engaged in a bloody war to drive the French out of Normandy. By his side are Robin Hood and Sir Alan Dale. But while the battles rage, Alan is trying to discover the identity of the man who ordered his father's death ten years earlier, a mystery that leads him towards Paris, deep into the heart of the enemy's territory. Warlord was released this week.

I'm looking forward to The Player, the next book in Brad Parks' award-winning series featuring journalist Carter Ross. Ross dives into his investigation when residents of a Newark neighborhood are getting sick, and even dying. When he comes down with the disease, he continues to search for the source of the disease, a search that might lead directly into the arms of the local mob boss. The Player is due out March 4, just before Left Coast Crime where Parks will be toastmaster. (Can't wait to hear him!)

November 26 is release date for a parody of The Hobbit, The Harvard Lampoon's The Wobbit. Aaron Sorkinshield and his band of Little People embark on a quest across Widdle Wearth to reclaim the hoard of Academy Awards stolen from them by the lonely Puff the Magic Dragon. And, from there, the description just gets stranger.

Ghost Medicine by Aimee and David Thurlo was released this week. It's the seventeenth mystery featuring Navajo Police Special Investigator Ella Clah. Ella takes all her cases personally, but some cases are more personal than others. The murder of Harry Ute is one of those. She once dated him, but, even more important Harry was once a member of her investigative team. When she finds evidence connecting his murder to the secret sale of previously unknown Navajo artifacts, she wonders if he might have been killed to protect a lucrative operation. Harry was one of her own, and Ella Clah is determined to bring his killer to justice.

Terrific list of books, isn't it? I hope you found something for your own wish list.


SandyG265 said...

Thanks I was able to put holds on the Cleo Coyle book from my library. And the Thurlo book sounds interesting but I haven't read that series so I put a hold on the first book in the series.

Karen C said...

The one I must have is Hostage by Kay Hooper.

Harvee said...

Just love the Nevada Barr series! This looks like another exciting book!

Lesa said...

I'm glad you all found books that sound interesting in this list. It was a terrific week for book arrivals.