Saturday, November 09, 2013

Caught in the Act: Actors Acting by Howard Schatz, et al.

Caught in the Act: Actors Acting is a stunning book of photographs. Howard Schatz's photographs are
accompanied by Owen Edwards' writing. Beverly J. Ornstein edited this expensive, large book that should be considered as a gift for anyone caught up in acting (theater or film) and actors. Schatz' instructions to the actors led to fascinating portrayals.

Over eighty actors were asked to discuss acting. They talked about film, theater, how they found their passion. Each actor gave personal answers to the question. And, then Schatz directed them, and they portrayed what he asked. Sam Waterston, Amy Poehler, Geoffrey Rush, John Malkovich, Jane Lynch, Nathan Lane, Pierce Brosnan, Laurence Fishburne are just some of the actors given their roles. Do you know what Hugh Laurie would look like portraying "You're a new father, you've told your wife she should take a few days off with her sister, and the twins have come down with colic"? Eamonn Walker's roles are wonderful. I loved every one of his roles, but the expression on his face is priceless when he's told to portray, "You're a former power forward at Indiana, down on your luck, and two frat boys at the gym have just bet you 100 bucks you can't beat them both in a game to 21 points." Schatz' scenarios are very complete, but it's the actors who bring those scenarios to life.

Caught in the Act: Actors Acting is pricey, as I already said. However, it's a coffee table book offering hours of entertainment. It might be the perfect gift for the theater or film student in your life, someone who wants to study the actors today who are the best at what they do, and find out why they love the acting life.

Caught in the Act: Actors Acting by Howard Schatz, Beverly J. Ornstein, and Owen Edwards. Glitterati, Inc. 2013. ISBN 9780985169695 (hardcover), 303p.

FTC Full Disclosure - I bought the book.

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