Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tempest at the Helm by David Hunter

When you want to read a police procedural that sounds authentic because the author knows what he's talking about, I'd suggest David Hunter's  Tempest at the Helm. He's a decorated former police officer who brings his experience to his writing.

Shiloh Tempest had an up-and-down career in law enforcement. He had an attitude, and wouldn't keep his mouth shut, but it was hard to not promote a man with his track record. When his heart started to give out on him, though, he was forced to take early retirement at forty-five, and became a bestselling novelist. But, when his friend, Sam, became Sheriff of Knox County, Tennessee, Tempest came back as Chief of Detectives. Chief of Detectives was fine. Acting Sheriff wasn't so good. A conference in the Bahamas meant Tempest was put in charge with only one request. "Can I depend on you not to arrest the mayor or anyone else of similar importance?"

Tempest tried, but when Mayor Cooper's wife was shot to death in their bedroom in the middle of the night, it's hard to avoid looking at the mayor as a suspect. Fortunately, Shiloh has a reliable team who will work with him to find the killer.

Shiloh Tempest is a refreshing voice in police procedurals. He's irreverent, doesn't suffer fools, and he and his team get the job done. He's loyal and hardworking, everything a reader wants in the Chief of Detectives. He has a wonderful relationship with a strong woman, Jennifer, who has been his companion for twenty years, although she refuses to marry. He shows respect for her, and he's still smitten after all that time together.

For those of us who enjoy following the police step-by-step in their investigation while getting to know the main characters, David Hunter's Tempest at the Helm is a welcome treat.

David Hunter's website is

Tempest at the Helm by David Hunter. Oconee Spirit Press. 2013. 978098410974 (paperback), 176p. (also available s an ebook)

FTC Full Disclosure - The publisher sent me a copy of the book, hoping I would review it.

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