Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Celtic Thunder Weekend

A friend once told me my personal blog should be called, "All Celtic Thunder, All The Time." This weekend, I was following the show, so you'll have to put up with the blog here. Feel free to skip it, although I did include some library pictures while I was on the road. This was the fourth and fifth time I've seen Celtic Thunder perform, and I have one more show in St. Louis to see in a couple weeks. I do have a bumper sticker that says, "It's a Celtic Thunder thing. You wouldn't understand."

Friday night, the concert was in Carmel, Indiana at the Palladium, a beautiful venue, inside and out.

 (You do know fan is short for fanatic, right?) I even bought tickets to the sound check in the afternoon. Well worth it! The guys perform five or six numbers, some of which they don't do in the show. And, you're allowed to take pictures, even though they're working, and they're dressed casually.

All six stars at Sound Check
George Donaldson
Ryan Kelly is a long-time Colts fan

It's fun to see the lads joking around on stage. After sound check, I found a place to eat dinner, Woody's Library Restaurant. Woody's was once a Carnegie Library.

The floors inside are original, and they certainly try to maintain the atmosphere. This was my booth for dinner.

After dinner, I headed to the concert. Fabulous! Great acoustics in the hall, but the stage is a little small, and it couldn't handle most of the set.

After spending the night in Carmel, I headed for Wabash, where the concert was to be on Saturday night at the Honeywell Center. I had time to kill before I could check into my hotel, so I went to the Wabash Carnegie Public Library. It was opened in 1903. (Told you I'd have some libraries in this story.)

In honor of the 100th anniversary, the Wabash Quilters made this gorgeous quilt for the library.

I went to a second sound check on Saturday. This sound check was even better because not only to George Donaldson sing the most beautiful version of "Both Sides Now" that I've ever heard, but all six performed "Galway Girl", which they don't do in the show. They're getting ready for the Celtic Thunder cruise in November, so they're rehearsing for that as well.

Colm Keegan and Emmet Cahill

Emmet Cahill and George Donaldson

George Donaldson and Keith Harkin


Keith and Emmet


Keith, Neil Byrne, Ryan


Neil, Nicole, Declan



This was the first time Celtic Thunder has ever been to Wabash. The center was sold out, and it was a fabulous, appreciative audience. Because the audience was so into it, and the stage was large enough for hte entire set, it was actually a better show than Friday night.

Absolutely a terrific Celtic Thunder weekend.


Karen C said...

Sounds like a truly fabulous weekend; so glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for sharing the pictures. That quilt is just amazing!!

Lesa said...

Isn't that quilt gorgeous, Karen? I bid on one similar at a silent auction, but lost out.

mom said...

Glad that you had a good time. I loved the quilt.

Jane R said...

Wow, you really are a fan! What a great weekend. I love Woody's Library Restaurant. Such a neat idea and fabulous atmosphere! Thanks for sharing your road trip.

Beth Hoffman said...

What a truly amazing weekend/road trip.The Palladium is stunning.

TFJ said...

Love the libraries and library restaurant; so glad you had a fantastic trip. And now I have to go check out Celtic Thunder.

Lesa said...

I knew you'd love the quilt, Mom, and I knew everyone else would enjoy Woody's (smile). Hard to get the reader out of us, isn't it? The Palladium is stunning, Beth, and the acoustics are the best. But, the show worked so much better in Wabash.

Lesa said...

Yes! Check out Celtic Thunder, TFJ!

Bev said...

So are you going on the cruise too? :)

Nancy said...

Why no, Lesa, I didn't know that fan is short for fanatic. Now I do and I will think of you every time I hear the word fanatic. :) Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Lesa said...

I'm not going on the cruise, Bev. I would have loved to have gone, but wasn't sure I'd enjoy a cruise itself. I would have loved all the shows. I decided to spend the money on the three shows this year, and put some money in the bank instead.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I'm from Ireland and I'm not that into them. Though Ryan is easy on the eyes, isn't he? But I would love to go to Woody's, that place is brilliant!

Lesa said...


Their music and dvds got me through after my husband died. Sometimes, I just needed a mindless escape. Celtic Thunder was perfect, and I still love them for that.