Saturday, September 28, 2013

Simon's Cat vs. The World by Simon Tofield

If you haven't seen the Simon's Cat cartoons on YouTube, then you aren't familiar with Simon's Cat. Simon Tofield is an illustrator, animator, and director in London, England, whose YouTube cartoons featuring a cat and his animal friends and put-upon humans have over 350 million views.  Simon's Cat vs. The World is the latest collection of cartoons showing the world from a cat's viewpoint.

It's difficult to describe a book of cartoons. Cat lovers will recognize the antics of their own cats on these pages. "Housework" features the cat climbing his owner who is vacuuming. As a new cat in the household, Josh once climbed a closed window, bounced off that, knocked over a lamp and broke it, and scratched me as he leaped on me to get away from the vacuum cleaner. Oh, yes. I recognized my cat in that cartoon.

How many owners have put clothing on their cats? There's a cartoon of the cat in a novelty hat, and the cat doesn't find it nearly as funny as his owners do. Then, there's the cartoon of the woman trying to do yoga next to the stretching cat. Failure. Can you picture a beanbag chair after a cat claws it open?

Tofield's latest collection comes with stickers, and even contains lessons in drawing cartoon cats. Most of all, Simon's Cat vs. The World brings laughs of recognition for cat lovers everywhere.

And, just for entertainment, here's Simon's Cat. Check out other cartoon films on YouTube.

Simon Tofield's website is

Simon's Cat vs. The World by Simon Tofield. Akashic Books. 2013. ISBN 9781617751882 (hardcover), 96p.

FTC Full Disclosure - The publisher sent me a copy of the book, hoping I would review it.


Beth Hoffman said...

I love Simon's cat and all his silly antics. Thanks for sharing the cartoon video. Hope you and all your kitties have a nice weekend, Lesa!

Lesa said...

I enjoy those videos, Beth. Thank you! Had a nice Saturday, and tomorrow I'm spending the whole day with the cats.