Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Arrivals

Well, I'm not going to tell you about the paperback mysteries that arrived this week from Penguin's Berkley Prime Crime and Obsidian. I'm saving those for the monthly book chat. I do have eight other books to share, though. I'll talk about those in order of publication.

Sara Rosett's Milksahes, Mermaids, and Murder is already out. I always enjoy the Ellie Avery mysteries, but I should really enjoy this one since Ellie plans a family getaway to Florida's Gulf Coast, a place I know well. How could a simple visit to an eBay vendor end up in murder and kidnapping?

October 1st is release date for Carolyn Hart's latest Bailey Ruth ghost novel, Ghost Gone Wild. (Don't you love the cover?) Once again, Bailey Ruth returns to Earth as an emissary from Heaven's Department of Good Intentions. She saves a young man from killing himself in Adelaide, Oklahoma, but it seems her mission isn't complete. She just might have to stay in Oklahoma forever if she can't find the person who wants that young man dead.

Hijack in Abstract is the third Cherry Tucker mystery by Larissa Reinhart. Due out on Nov. 5th, artist Cherry Tucker finds her career on the rise, with a classical series sold and a portrait commissioned. But the composite sketch she draws for the sheriff, a picture of a hijacker, finds her life taking a bad turn as the sketch leads to a murder.

The blurb says that Sage Stossel's graphic novel, Starling, "turns the classic male superhero on his head." It's
"The rare graphic novel that is not only penned by a woman, but also has a female protagonist." Amy Sturgess' life in the big city comes with a few problems a conniving co-worker, family crises, and a lousy love life. That doesn't mean she can't use her superpowers to fight crime as a masked vigilante, Starling. This one is released on Dec.3.

Joseph Wallace's Invasive Species is a thriller about a predtor coming out of the remote African wilderness where the rainforest is dying. The massive swarm is moving across the globe, using humans as hosts in a wave of death. "Humanity's only hope lies with a small band of scientists, doctors, and adventurers who must find a weapon to battle a living, killing force before it can conquer the world." Release date is Dec. 3.

Maggie Barbieri's Once Upon a Lie, is a departure from her Murder 101 series. The thriller will be released on Dec. 10. Maeve Cordon's life is coming apart at the seams, but when her cousin is murdered, and the police start poking around in family business, it becomes a hassle. But when her father becomes a suspect, her father who is suffering from Alzheimer's, Maeve is determined to clear his name.

Jan. 28 is release date for Sophie Hannah's novel of horror, The Orphan Choir. Louise Beeston can't see her son who has been shipped away o a prestigious boarding school where he sings in the boys' choir. Now, a rowdy neighbor makes her life miserable by blasting choral music at all hours of the night, but she's the only one who can hear it. When she desperately tries to escape the ghostly music, she grows obsessed, unsteady, and her family life begins to unravel. Is this a neighbor's malicious prank, or a warning just for her?

And, the last book is a debut novel, Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszille. It's a mother-daughter story of
reinvention about an African American woman who unexpectedly inherits an eight hundred acre sugarcane farm in Louisiana. Charley Bondelon sees it as a chance to start over with her daughter, so the two leave LA and arrive just in time for growing season. The blurb says, "As the sweltering summer unfolds, Charley must balance the overwhelming challenges of her farm with the demands of a homesick daugher, a bitter and troubled brother, and the startling desires of her own heart." Release date is Feb. 10th.

Don't you love the discovery of new books? It's always fun to see what's arriving.


Dru said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to reading Sara's book.

I had the pleasure of reading Maggie's book and I like it.

Jane R said...

My book list is growing by leaps and bounds. I'm looking forward to Carolyn Hart's newest Bailey Ruth book as well as Once Upon a Lie by Maggie Barbieri. But, I must say, they all sound good! Thanks for the update!

Lesa said...


I know how much our tastes are similar, so it's always interesting to see what you enjoyed. Thanks!

Lesa said...

It is a nice selection, isn't it, Jane? I already have Carolyn Hart's book on my calendar to read.

Beth Hoffman said...

A nice and diverse selection, Lesa. Happy reading!

Carole Price said...

Very nice selection. I've written down those "must read."

Lesa said...

Thank you, Beth & Carole. You both know how much I enjoy sharing books.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the alert. Always ready for a Hart book. Judy Dee

Lesa said...

I'm looking forward to it, Judy. You're welcome!