Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Louise Penny Follow-Up

"Louise Penny is #1 on the NYT Best Sellers List for 09/15"

I received that email today, and I just want to congratulate Louise. How the Light Gets In is a magnificent book. But, Louise herself is even more special. It's wonderful to see a #1 ranking for an author, and a friend, who I love.

Congratulations, Louise.


Beth Hoffman said...

Huge congratulations to Louise!

Lesa said...

Definitely, Beth!

Reine said...

Lesa, this was a beautiful review of Louise's book. I've read each of her books since the first was published, and I am always startled and moved by her observations on life.

As you mentioned, each word is important and moves the story forward. I would like to add that each word is made important by what it offers in union with all the others. Louise does not carve away at the beauty of her story to make it move slickly through our minds unimpeded on a tight ride to the finish line. She makes space for us to think and consider, to listen and observe ourselves in the world and to reconsider our own meaning in relationship to others. She reintroduces us to ourselves.

Lesa said...

What a beautiful comment, Reine. Thank you.