Thursday, September 05, 2013

Isabella Alan, Guest Blogger

This week, under the name Isabella Alan, Amanda Flower launches a new mystery series. Murder, Plain and Simple is the first Amish Quilt Shop Mystery set in Holmes County, Ohio. Angela Braddock inherits her aunt's Amish quilt shop, Running Stitch. Her aunt's quilting circle makes her feel welcome, but it isn't long before Angela is a murder suspect.

Today, I'd like to welcome Angela Braddock, interviewing author Isabella Alan. And, don't forget to enter the contest to win an authentic Amish quilt.

Angie Braddock from the Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries Interviews her author

Angie: Hi, Isabella, thanks for meeting with me today. You know, you are a really hard lady to pin down. You seem to spend a lot of time being “Amanda Flower.”

Isabella: Well, Amanda is the name on my birth certificate, so…

Angie: Mere technicality. To me you are Isabella, and I’ve got some questions for you.

Isabella: Okay. [nervous laugh]

Angie: When you told me, “Hey, great news, you are moving to Ohio’s Amish Country,” you left out a few things.

Isabella: Like what?

Angie: For starters, you didn’t tell me that some of the Amish in Holmes County didn’t want me to take over my Amish aunt’s quilt shop, Running Stitch. A little notice on that would have been nice.

Isabella: Sure, some people don’t like you, but most do. Nobody is loved by everybody all of the time. I’m trying to keep my fiction realistic.

Angie: Realistic? That’s your excuse?

Isabella: Besides I gave you a wonderful support group. The Amish quilting circle from Running Stitch is there to support you through everything. You will not find a better group of friends in Martha, Anna, Sarah, and Rachel. And of course, there is Oliver, your Frenchie. He’s charmer.

Angie: I’ll admit that Oliver is the best dog ever, and you’re right about the quilting circle. They really care about me.

Isabella: And what about Sheriff Mitchell? He’s not bad either. Those blue-green eyes. Swoon.

Angie: [eyes narrow] You made him up because you like blue-green eyes.

Isabella: I don’t have crushes on fictional characters. That would be weird.

Angie: Sure, you don’t. Let’s get to my most pressing question. Why exactly do you keep putting dead bodies in my path?

Isabella: I’m a mystery writer. That’s what they pay me for.

Angie: You torment me like this for money!

Isabella: Umm… maybe that came out wrong. I love mystery writing. I put the bodies in front of you for the love of the craft.

Angie: Love of the craft [snorts]. At least tell me the next time I will stumble into a dead body.

Isabella: June 2014 when Murder, Simply Stitched releases. So, you know, come spring, watch your step. I might have a few other surprises for you then too.

Angie: [sighs]

It’s SUPER SEPTEMBER! Amanda Flower (also writing as Isabella Alan) has three novels releasing in September 2013. To celebrate, she is giving away an authentic Amish Quilt hand-stitched by Amish in Holmes County, Ohio.

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Murder, Plain and Simple by Isabella Alan. Obsidian. 2013. ISBN 9780451413635 (paperback), 358p.


Melissa @ My Recent Favorite Books said...

Im adding this one to my "to be read" list!

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Melissa. And, although there weren't other comments, I know people went to her website, and entered to win the quilt. I know I did!

Karen C said...

This sounds like a fun new series - if you can use fun and mystery together! The quilt is so beautiful!!