Monday, July 15, 2013

Dyeing Wishes by Molly MacRae

Molly MacRae takes readers back to Blue Plum, Tennessee with Kath Rutledge and her lovable, quirky friends in the enjoyable mystery Dyeing Wishes. This time, it's almost more than Kath can handle as she's still trying to deal with the loss of her Granny and the acquisition of a yarn shop and a ghost.

It was supposed to be a wonderful outing for the Thank Goodness It's Fiber (TGIF) needle arts group. They were going to Debbie Keith's Cloud Hollow farm for a lesson on dyeing yarn and wool, and the chance to see the new lambs. But, the sheep had other things on their minds. When they didn't come near the visitors, Kath and Debbie trekked out in the pasture to find them gathered around two bodies. Will Embree and Shannon Goforth should have been enemies. Instead, they were dead in a field together, while Shannon's mother, Bonny, hovered near the fence with the rest of the TGIF group.

Bonny and Debbie both turned to Kath to find answers. She and her friends had already unraveled one mystery. And, despite her good intentions to stay out of it, she was pressured from all the members of the group, and her resident ghost, Geneva, who fancied herself as a detective's assistant. A ghost, rumors, and gossip swirl around as Kath and her friends look for answers.

MacRae's Dyeing Wishes is filled with a cast of charming characters, from Kath to her store manager, Ardis, to Thea, "the Loud Librarian". But, no one takes murder lightly. They insist on respect for the victims. And, Kath, who is still trying to understand why her Granny implies she might have inherited "a gift", is uneasy with her feelings when she touches the victims. Why does she see Geneva? Why does she feel emotions when she touches people? Kath is still confused about her Granny's death and her unusual inheritance. She's still has a feeling of "Loss, disorientation, the need for a place to anchor." Kath Rutledge may be thirty-nine, but she is still struggling, despite the new "family" she has acquired.

Dyeing Wishes has its share of humorous situations, but it's also a respectful mystery. It's a mystery, and a series, that promises growth for Kath, and some interesting relationships in the future.

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Dyeing Wishes by Molly MacRae. Obsidian. 2013. ISBN 9780451239563 (paperback), 308p.

FTC Full Disclosure - The publisher sent me a copy of the book, hoping I would review it.


Melissa @ My Recent Favorite Books said...

This sounds like a very interesting mystery! =)
Wonderful review!

Lesa said...

Thanks, Melissa. I really like this series and the characters.