Friday, June 14, 2013

New Harmony, Indiana

I was at a retreat in New Harmony, Indiana this week. Let me just say, after working in libraries for forty years, and attending all kinds of retreats and government workshops, I was impressed with Leadership Evansville. It was the best I've been to in all those years, mainly because the leader, Lynn Miller-Pease, is one of the kindest people I've ever met.

But, the post isn't about Leadership Evansville. It's about New Harmony. What a contrast! One week in New York City, the next in New Harmony. I wish I'd taken my camera to take pictures of the town during the retreat. I had some time early mornings to walk around. And, I would have loved to have shown you pictures inside New Harmony Inn - just so cute with the pine furniture.

I did drive over to see the town the day before, and find my way to Barn Abbey where Leadership Evansville was held. So, my pictures are from last Sunday. Enjoy! It's a quiet, peaceful small town, and I can't wait to go with my Mom or sisters.

Barn Abbey

Barn Abbey, Site of Leadership Evansville
Sculpture behind Barn Abbey

Sign in front of The Roofless Church
At the Roofless Church

Parishioner in a pew at the Roofless Church

Give me a big city any day for a a vacation. But, I'm going back to New Harmony. I've never been to such a calm, peaceful place in my life. It's just beautiful.


Beth Hoffman said...

So peaceful and serene ... It looks like a slice of heaven on earth!

Karen C said...

Looks so relaxing! Just what one needs every now and then.

Lesa said...

Beth and Karen,

You're both right. It is that peaceful, serene, and relaxing. It's only 30 minutes from Evansville. Sometimes you have to force yourself to do something, and I just may have to take the time to drive over now and then. It would be beautiful any time of year. I like it in the early morning, but, then, I'm a morning person.

Jane R said...

What a pretty place to have a retreat. Seems like a perfect spot. I just returned from my first trip to Chicago (staying overnight several times at O'Hare during blizzards doesn't count). We had a great time with our children. But unless you pace yourself, cities can be very tiring. New Harmony would be a great place to just unwind.