Sunday, May 19, 2013

Road Trip! - Indianapolis

Where do librarians go on road trips? To libraries, of course. After I said I had never been to Indianapolis, only through it on vacations, a friend invited me on a road trip with his wife. The three of us set out at 7:30 yesterday morning, and arrived in time for lunch at Shapiro's Deli.

Nothing special to look at, but we were lucky to be there on Saturday. I understand it's packed on weekdays. And, there's a reason it's packed.

I had the Reuben. Picked as the #1 Reuben in Indianapolis, so of course that's what I tried.

From Shapiro's we went to the State Library of Indiana.

It's just beautiful inside.

But, the real treat today was the Indianapolis Public Library.

The old part of the building is just beautiful with the wooden shelves and reading areas.

But, oh, the new part of the building! When you stand on one of the higher floors and look down to the first floor, you can see why a library is a cathedral of learning.

And, you can see why so many weddings are held on that first floor. All the furniture can be moved around, and the brides come down one of those staircases.

OK, I'll admit I'm partial to the inside view, but here are a couple views of the outside from the library.

And, I'll end with a post at the library.. Something for all of us who read books. Sometimes, a passage just hits home.


Jane R said...

Lesa, thanks for sharing your photos. I have dragged my (willing) family through many libraries, book stores and museums. So, I totally understand your mission on the trip to Indianapolis! Sounds like a great time! (and what beautiful libraries too!)

Karen C said...

Gorgeous pictures, Lesa. So nice of your friends to take you!

Lesa said...

Weren't those libraries beautiful? I'm so glad I had the chance to see them, and share the pictures. It was a great time, Jane & Karen. Thanks!

Kathy said...

Hi Lesa - thanks for your kind words about the Indianapolis Public Library! I'd love to link to your blog on our Facebook page if that would be okay? Kathy

Lesa said...

Please do, Kathy. Thank you!


Kathy said...

Thanks! You can find us here:!/CentralLibraryIndianapolis?bookmark_t=page

Desert Songbird said...

My hometown! I've always loved the public library downtown, and have spent many, many hours there, but I haven't been since they renovated/updated/added onto it since I haven't visited my hometown in several years. Stunning. Thank you for sharing.

Dawn said...

Whenever my friends and I travel, we often end up in a library or a used bookstore. (Actually, we always end up in some kind of bookstore.) I recently took my significant other to a few bookstores/libraries around Indianapolis, the Central Library being one of them! I love the architecture, both old and new. It's beautiful. There is also the Kurt Vonnegut Library downtown, which doubles mainly as a museum (Vonnegut was from Indy). I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Indianapolis! Shapiro's is definitely a great place to catch lunch. And I see you're from Evansville? That's where my significant other lives! He's taken me to the Willard Library before, which I absolutely love. (I have a fetish for older architecture, though.) Thanks again for sharing your trip!

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Desert Songbird. I'm glad I was able to share some glimpses of your hometown. Beautiful library.

Lesa said...

My kind of trip, Dawn, always ending up in a bookstore! The Willard Library isn't part of our library system, but idles have beautiful features in that building. We also have two Carnegie libraries that are over 100 years old.