Wednesday, May 01, 2013

June Treasures in My Closet

Welcome to the June Treasures in My Closet post, revealing June book releases. This month, it's a hodgepodge collection.

Allison Brennan brings back FBI trainee Lucy Kincaid in Stolen.Nothing is more important to private investigator Sean Rogan than his relationship with Lucy. But, he's forced to go undercover to help the FBI clear a rogue agent without telling Lucy. And, the longer he's working undercover, the more dangerous it becomes.

Three Lives of Tomomi Iskikawa by Benjamin Constable is a debut novel featuring a character named Ben Constable. His friend, Tomomi "Butterfly" Iskikawa sends him a letter saying she committed suicide while leaving him instructions for a mysterious treasure hunt through the cities where she once lived. The deeper he digs, the darker the past he uncovers.

Lindsey Davis' The Ides of April is a Flavia Albia mystery, a Falco mystery, the next generation. Flavia Albia is the adopted daughter of Marcus Didius Falco. She learned the tricks of the trade from her father, but her wits and sharp tongue are her own. She's working as a private informer in Rome, when a client dies, and a series of similar deaths brings her under suspicion.

I always look forward to Barbara Delinsky's novels. Sweet Salt Air is about two women, once best friends, kept apart by years and secrets. Then Nicole, a food blogger commissioned to write a book about island food, invites Charlotte to Quinnipeague to help her. It's a novel about female friendship, secrets, locavores (eating local), and so much more.

More Bitter Than Death by Camilla Grebe and Asa Traff finds psychologist Siri Bergman working with a group of victims of domestic abuse. She's also pregant. Then, there's the story of a young girl under a table when her mother is murdered. The five-year--old can't quite see the murderer, but she's the only witness. It's a story whose threads all come together.

Janice Hamrick takes Texas high school teacher Jocelyn Shore home to a family reunion that turns deadly in Death Rides Again. Jocelyn's uncle isn't too happy with the treatment his daughter receives from her husband, Eddy. And, Eddy's disappearance doesn't bother the family at all. But, when he ends up dead, and all eyes turn to the family, Jocelyn worries she might not be able to clear the family name.

The Summer of Dead Toys by Antonio Hill introduces Inspector Hector Salgado, a transplanted Argentine living in Barcelona. When a young boy falls to his death from a balcony in one of Barcelona's ritzier neighborhoods, Salgado is brought in to investigate. It's a case that takes him into the seedy underbelly of Spain's most popular city, but it's the kind of case Hector thrives on, dark, violent, and seemingly unsolvable.

Mary Louise Kelly's thriller, Anonymous Sources, sends a troubled reporter named Alexandra James to investigate the death of a young man, pushed from the top of a Harvard bell tower. It appears to be the story of a lifetime, but it ends up taking Alexandra into a network of nuclear terrorists.

In Astor Place Vintage, Stephanie Lehmann introduces Amanda Rosenbloom, owner of Astor Place Vintage, a clothing shop in Manhattan. On a routine appraisal job, she discovers a journal sewn into a muff. The journal, written in 1907, tells of a young woman with ambitions to become a department store buyer, at a time when a woman's place was still seen in the home. That voice from the past connects with Amanda in unexpected ways.

Bootstrapper is Mardi Jo Link's memoir, subtitled "From Broke to Badass on a Northern Michigan Farm". In 2005, Link's dreams of living the simple life unraveled into debt and heartbreak. When she and her husband called it quits, she decided to try to hang on to her northern Michigan farm, and raise her boys. It's the story of a woman who fights blizzards and coyotes to hang ont to her sons, save the farm from foreclosure, and find her way back to a rich life.

Speaking of the local foods movement.... Edith Maxwell, a former organic farmer, introduces a new Local Foods mystery series with  A Tine to Live, A Tine to Die. At harvest time in Millsbury, Massachusetts, novice farmer Cameron Flaherty hopes to make a killing selling organic produce. But a killer who strikes on her property sends her from organic farming into a crop of locally produced murder.

Curtis Sittenfeld, author of Prep and American Wife, brings us Sisterland. Kate and her identical twin sister, Violet, knew they were born with peculiar "senses." They can discern future events and other people's secrets. Vi embraces the gift, and becomes a medium, while Kate hides her gift, and becomes a devoted wife and mother, living in the suburbs. But, when Vi goes on TV to reveal a disturbing premonition, Kate has to reconcile her relationship with her sister, and face the truth about herself.

Water Walker's Crime of Privilege is "In the tradition of Scott Turow, William Landay, and Nelson DeMille...a stunning thriller about power, corruption, and the law in America." When a murder occurs on Cape Cod and a rape in Palm Beach, the only thing they have in common is the presence of one of America's most beloved, influential families. But no one is asking questions, including George Becket, a young lawyer in the district attorney's office. But, years after a young woman's death, the victim's father sets George on a search that has him racing from one exotic spot to another as he searches for a killer, and his own redemption.

As I said, it's an interesting odd collection of books in June. I hope you find something to interest you.


Lori's Reading Corner said...

I loved Stolen. I've always enjoyed Allison Brennan's books and this one certainly didn't disappoint.

Karen C said...

I love Lucy, so I had Allison Brennan's Stolen on my wish list already. I also enjoy Barbara Delinsky's books and Sweet Salt Air sounds good. Okay, so there's a few others that sound good, too!!! :O)

Jane R said...

This is an interesting collection of books. Looks like there should be something that will appeal to almost any type of reader. I've read the first two books in Janice Hamrick's series so her newest one will be on my book list. Several others have caught my eye as well. Thanks for the update!

Ingrid King said...

Sweet Salt Air and Astor Place Vintage are going on my TBR list - thanks for the preview, Lesa!

Lesa said...

I know you all saw I had computer problems, so I'm sorry I didn't respond yesterday. Thanks for continuing to read with me!