Sunday, May 05, 2013

Follow by Email

I seldom change the sidebars on my blog because I'm usually satisfied with the appearance and information there. But, two different readers asked me within a few days if there was a way to subscribe to Lesa's Book Critiques via email. I investigated, and, if they haven't already seen it, there is now.

On the right side, under my profile, you'll see Follow by email. You can now either come directly to the blog, or receive an email note about it.

Thanks for asking! It shows you want to read the blog postings, so I appreciate it.


Sue said...

I'm so glad somebody asked!!! I'd been looking for a place to sign up to follow by email for some time now.

Karen C said...

I've been waiting to see the response to that question, because I also wanted to subscribe by email since Google Reader is going away - and I was basically too lazy to explore other options!

Thanks you!!

Lesa said...

Sue & Karen,

I'm glad someone asked, too. I'd hate to lose readers because they found it difficult to follow. Also glad it was easy to do or I would have had to ask a friend who knows more about computers than I do how to handle it.