Sunday, April 07, 2013

Winners and Tough Women Week

Congratulations to the winners of the last contest. Karen M. of San Bruno, CA won Kris Neri's Revenge on Route 66. Alan Bradley's Speaking from Among the Bones went to Shirley W. of Victoria, TX. I mailed the books yesterday.

This week, I have two thrillers featuring tough women to give away.. Rage Against the Dying is Becky Masterman's debut novel. Set in Arizona, if features Brigid Quinn, a retired FBI agent who is trying so hard to be the perfect second wife. However, her attempt at a domestic life is derailed when a man confesses to the biggest unsolved case of Quinn's career, the murder of the young agent that Brigid mentored. When another agent expresses doubt about the confession, Quinn is sucked into the investigation and into a dangerous trap. I have an ARC of Rage Against the Dying.

Or you could win Dana Haynes' Ice Cold Kill. Daria Gibron is a former Shin-Bet agent, now living in exile in the U.S, protected by the FBI. However, she's an adrenaline junkie, trigger-happy, resourceful, and dangerous. When she's warned she's about to walk into an ambush, she discovers she's been set up. Now, she not only has to save herself, she's the only one who can keep a dangerous shipment from falling into terrorist hands.

Do you want to win Rage Against the Dying or Ice Cold Kill? You can enter to win both, but I need separate entries. Email me at Your subject line should read either "Win Rage Against the Dying" or "Win Ice Cold Kill." Please include your name and mailing address. Entries from the U.S. only, please.

The contest will end next Friday night, April 12 at 6 p.m. MT.


Harvee said...

Nice giveaways, but I have to resist. My TBR pile is way too high!

Lesa said...

I understand, Harvee. I'm in the same position.

Beth Hoffman said...

Terrific giveaways, Lesa. I just tweeted the link.

Happy Sunday!

ckubala said...

I read Rage Against the Dying last week and man (woman) was it good. It's a strong debut with a strong gray-haired female character, Brigid Quinn, ex-FBI Loved her husband Carlo too. Worthy of the time it takes to email to win!

Inside A Book said...

I would love to win Rage Against the Dying. But more importantly I wanted to tell you how much you are missed here in sunny AZ and at the Poisoned Pen.

Hope all is going so well for you. You are thought of so fondly!! Smiles and hugs!


Lesa said...

Thanks for the tweet, Beth! Carol, thank you for saying it's worth the effort to email and try to win Rage Against the Dying.

Oh, Gaye! Thank you so much. And, I miss the Poisoned Pen and all the friends I met there. I'll never stop missing that.

Jane R said...

Great giveaways this week, Lesa. Thanks!