Thursday, March 14, 2013

Get Out of There, Cat! by Kristina Knapp with Sam Stall

What cat lover can resist the face on this book, or the title? Kristina Knapp and Sam Stall bring us an  entertaining gift book called Get Out of There, Cat!  The small book is a collection of photos submitted to the blog,

The authors ask why cats sit, jump, climb and sleep in and on anything. (Because they can and they're cats.) There are charming photos of cats in all sorts of places and predicaments, and Stall provided funny captions for all the pictures. There are cats in all the usual places, boxes, sinks, toilets, under shelves, in laundry, on computers. It just shows what doting cat slaves put up with every day.

There are cats with friends, stuffed, other cats, a rabbit. And, of course, there are cats in suitcases because no cat wants a slave to escape.

This is just a fun book filled with pictures, a gift for the cat lover in your life. These cats just specialize in cute.

The website for this book is

Get Out of There, Cat! by Kristina Knapp with Sam Stall. Running Press. 2013. ISBN 9780762448234 (hardcover), 142p.

FTC Full Disclosure - Library Book

And, just because it's Get Out of There, Cat!, here are two of my cats. I'm captioning this one, "There are two cats on the bag, so certainly there's room for two in it."


Jane R said...

Here at my house we're allergic to cats so we have to stick to dogs. But I do love those sweet kitty faces. And they remind me of some of the special cats I've met over the years.

donna said...

Hi Lesa - How are your cats adjusting? Do you think they like your new place as much as the old one? Hope you have adjusted as well. YOu now have to contend with winter again! Ugh!
Donna from CT

Karen C said...

Cute - think I'll have to get it for my daughter.

Lesa said...

Actually, my cats do NOT like the new place as well as the old. It's smaller and they're having a hard time adjusting to that. There are enough rooms that they could still have their own spaces, but I don't think they realize that. And, they don't seem happy crammed together. They'll adjust, and one of my cats just seems so much happier, but not most of them. I've adjusted. I just can't wait for winter to be over. I do love my new job.

Janel Gradowski said...

I'm a dog person and even I can't resist that cat on the cover! What a sweet face. Makes me wish my hubby wasn't allergic to cats.

Sue Farrell said...

Both cats and dogs at our house---so cute pictures of either make me smile. I'm getting awful tired of winter here in Minnesota---so hope neither of us has to wait too long for some signs of spring.

Beth Hoffman said...

Love the pic of your cats.... LOL! Who is the one barely visible inside the bag?

Ingrid King said...

This looks like a fun book! I love the photo of your cats with the bag- so cute!