Saturday, March 16, 2013

Evil in All Its Disguises by Hilary Davidson

Hilary Davidson continues to put her character, Lily Moore, through the wringer. In Evil in All Its Disguises, she sends her for three days of hell in Acapulco, when she thought she was on a press junket. Lily should have known what she was in for when she walked into the hotel and saw a snake, a poisonous snake. Her entire trip went downhill from there.

First it was the snake. Then another travel writer, Skye McDermott commented "It's a dead hotel in a dying destination." Before Lily could even wonder why a small group of writers were invited there, Skye began to rant about dating an evil man, and her plans to destroy him professionally. Lily thought Skye was behaving oddly, but she left in the middle of the conversation, and disappeared. As Lily started to ask questions, she found herself blocked at every turn. When she learned the hotel was owned by her ex-boyfriend, Martin Sklar and managed by his assistant, Gavin Stroud, she wanted to leave the hotel immediately. But no one else seemed interested in Skye's disappearance, and Lily wanted to find out what happened to her friend.

Lily's search for answers leads to terrible discoveries, and the realization she doesn't know who to trust. "Everything was happening so fast and everyone was acting so suspiciously that I couldn't tell which way was up anymore." And, Lily's attempt to help a friend, along with her initial hesitation in leaving the decaying hotel, left her trapped. In the space of less than three days, she goes from an independent woman, to feeling sick, and then imprisoned, with no one to turn to. She knows, though, that she's the only one who can take action against a person set on another murder.

In the course of this series, it's been fascinating to watch the changes in Lily Moore. These books are all thrillers, but the focus is always Lily. She still remains a troubled woman, still living with the memories of coping with a mother and sister who were chemically dependent. The taunts those women made still haunt her and drive her to take action to try to find answers and save a friend. She couldn't save the women in her family. She would take responsibility and try to save her friends. No matter what she does, Lily can't escape the past.

Until the end of this book, though, it felt as if Lily took a step backward. In The Next One to Fall, her previous book, she found untapped courage. Evil in All Its Disguises finds Lily as victim, trapped. Davidson keeps the reader on the edge of the seat throughout the book. How will Lily manage to surive the ordeal. Who is manipulating her? I'll be interested to see how Hilary Davidson uses Lily in the next book.

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Evil in All Its Disguises by Hilary Davidson. Forge. 2013. ISBN 9780765333520 (hardcover), 352p.

FTC Full Disclousre - The author sent me a copy of the book, hoping I would review it.


Jane R said...

This book definitely sounds intriguing. I suspect I should start with the first book in the series. I really like to explore new authors and this one sounds like just the ticket. Thanks for the update, Lesa. Have a great weekend and hope you are beginning to see a touch of spring here and there.

Lesa said...

Jane, You should start with the first in the series. Today feels like spring, but temperatures will drop again. Darn. Looking forward to spring!

Karen C said...

I love your blog, Lesa, but my TBR just gets bigger and bigger because you tell us about such wonderful books!

Lesa said...

And, I have a terrific one to recommend tomorrow, Karen!