Saturday, February 09, 2013

Zoë Sharp's Note

All of the authors who contributed to my gift book are wonderful, but Zoë Sharp has a special distinction. She was the very first author who appeared for Authors @ the Teague for me. And, she came back almost every time she returned to the United States. Zoë met my late husband, Jim, and she and I have shared dinners and breakfasts. I'm a big fan of her Charlie Fox thrillers, although I haven't read her latest one, Die Easy, yet. (I have it, but, the move has backed me up.)

Charlie Fox is a bodyguard, or, as she says, she does close personal security. Die Easy, the tenth book in the series, takes her to New Orleans. It's not the job she finds difficult; it's her personal life. Charlie is guarding a powerful businessman, and it's the first time she's worked with her lover, Sean Meyer, since he was shot in the head. The reappearance of someone from their military past, and an attack, leads to danger, as always. Charlie can handle violence and danger. Can she handle the deterioration of her life with Sean?

Zoë sent a note for my gift book. Thank you, Zoë.

"Lesa, your friendship has meant the world to me. Your enthusiastic support of authors makes you a friend to all of us. Good luck in Indiana. You're a bright shining star.

Zoë Sharp"

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