Sunday, February 03, 2013

New Arrivals

I'm reading a terrific book that really hits home, Becky Aikman's Saturday Night Widows. Before the review, I have a list of this week's new arrivals.

I haven't read Jackie Fullerton's mysteries before, but she's a Fort Myers, Florida author. Ring Around the Rosy is the third one in the series featuring law student and amateur sleuth Anne Marshall. In this one, she's on a trip to Florida when a neighbor's family is hit by tragedy. One member after another has died tragically, and clues left behind are verses of the nursery rhyme, Ring Around the Rosy.

On the other hand, I've read every one of Leighton Gage's Chief Inspector Mario Silva Investigations. In Perfect Hatred, Gage puts Silva and his assistants on Brazil's federal police force in the midst of two cases in two cities, one the investigation of a suicide bomber who killed sixty-seven, and the other the case of a political assassination. Gage always brings the politics, history and crime of Brazil to life in his gritty mysteries.

Cat Trick is Sofie Kelly's latest mystery featuring small-town librarian Kathleen Paulson and her two extraordinary cats, Owen and Hercules. The business community in Mayville Heights is eager to convince a tour company to sell a vacation package for the town. But, one of the partners, once a local boy, is now a bossy loudmouth. It's Kathleen who finds his body, and it isn't long before she and the cats become involved in the investigation.

Five years ago, a child was born who unites three women, the mother, the adoptive mother, and the woman whose husband cheated on her. Randy Susan Meyers' The Comfort of Lies tells of the damage of infidelity, and the private struggles women don't reveal.

 I'm a fan of Frederick Ramsay's Ike Schwartz mysteries, but I've never read his Jerusalem mysteries. Holy Smoke is the third in that series. In 29 C.E., all of Jerusalem chafes under Roman rule. When a badly scorched body is found behind the Veil of the Holy of Holies, the Temple's most sacred space, Gamaliel, the ranking rabbi in Judea is drawn into the investigation. Loukas, the physician, plays Watson to Gamaliel's Sherlock, while Yeshua, a radical rabbi from Galilee, continues to annoy the high priest.

Kirkus Reviews said Dana Stabenow's new Kate Shugak novel, Bad Blood, has "more than a hint of Romeo and Juliet, or the Hatfields and the McCoys." One hudnred years of bad blood between two Alaska villages comes to a head when the body of a young man is found. When Sergeant Jim Chopin's prime suspect disappears, neither tribe will talk to him. Even Kate Shugak may not be able to sort out the truth hidden in tales of tragedy and revenge.

The last book in the pile is Mariah Stewart's The Long Way Home. When Ellie Chapman's father, a wealthy investment manager, is exposed as a swindler, she loses everything except the house she in St. Dennis, Maryland that she inherited from her mother. But, while she renovates the house, intending to sell it, she starts to fall for the charms of the town, and a local contractor with his own secrets.

A good week of books in the mail means good reading in the future.


Ingrid King said...

I love Mariah Stewart's series and I'm looking forward to this new one!

Lesa said...

I love that series, too, Ingrid. I like her series, and any of Nora Roberts' series.

SandyG265 said...

I pre-ordered Cat Trick. My Mom and I both enjoy that series.

Carol N Wong said...

Looking forward to Cat Trick.

Beth Hoffman said...

What a nice and eclectic collection of books. Enjoy your reading. Lesa!

Karen C said...

Good list of books! I'm waiting for my copy of The Long Way Home to arrive in the mail. I think this is a great series, too.

Lesa said...

I am enjoying the reading. Hope you all have terrific books, too.