Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Eleven Little Piggies by Elizabeth Gunn

Sometimes nothing is as satisfying as a good police procedural. And, Elizabeth Gunn's latest Jake Hines mystery, Eleven Little Piggies, manages to hit all the right notes. It's contemporary with a strong cast of characters, an interesting crime, and the police have personal lives that are important to the series. I've been a big fan of this series since the first book, Triple Play. This new book is just as intriguing as the first one was.

Jake Hines is Chief of Detectives in Rutherford, Minnesota. On his day off in November, he and a buddy went bird hunting. Just as they were packing up, the man who rented the land indicated he needed help. A couple other hunters had found a dead man, but he wasn't a hunter, and shouldn't have been shot by hunters where they found him. Which was true. Owen Kester was a farmer from a prominent family that had farmed there for four generations. His death would stir up one of the biggest hornets' nests the department had ever seen.

When Jake and his team dug into Owen's lfe, they found a large contentious family arguing over the sale of farmland to sand miners who offered millions for the land they needed for fracking. And, when Owen said the family would sell that land over his dead body, someone took him seriously. But, even with Owen gone, the Kester family can't escape more accidents and a couple more murders.

As always in this series, Jake and his department work smoothly together, despite a lack of funding and a lack of adequate staff. And, Gunn capably brings that team to life, with all their quirks and background. Jake, once a foster child with no knowledge of his parentage, is a husband and father. Gunn brings her detectives to life, including Jake, by including details of their personal lives.

I find police procedurals satisfying with the reappearance of familiar characters in the police department, the methodical investigation of crimes, and the wrap-up with justice triumphing. Eleven Little Piggies, and Gunn's other books in the Jake Hines mystery series, fit this satisfying mold perfectly.

Elizabeth Gunn's website is www.elizabethgunn.com

Eleven Little Piggies by Elizabeth Gunn. Severn House. 2012. ISBN 9780727882363 (hardcover), 185p.

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Jane R said...

I have totally missed this author and I think I would enjoy her writing. I've already put the first book in the series on hold at my branch library. I love discovering a new (to me) author. Thanks for the info!

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Jane! The first few books are a little dark, but they get a little lighter in overall tone. Love the characters, and the team.