Friday, February 15, 2013

A Note from Avery Aames & Daryl Wood Gerber

It's no secret in the mystery community that Avery Aames and Daryl Wood Gerber are the same person. I've "known" Avery for quite a while, first through the book blog, Mystery Lovers Kitchen, where she blogs with some of my other favorite authors who write food-related mysteries. We've caught up with each other at conferences, and she appeared for Authors @ The Teague. And, now she's about to have two food-related mystery series, one under each name.

Avery's latest mystery in the Cheese Shop series is To Brie or Not to Brie. These mysteries are set in Ohio's Holmes County, in Amish Country. In this fourth book in the series, Charlotte Bessette, owner of Fromagerie Bessette, known as the Cheese Shop, is juggling a date, feeding actors in her grandmother's staging of Hamlet, and preparing for her best friend's wedding. Then, of course, there's that murder she wants to investigate since a container of her Brie blueberry ice cream was the murder weapon.

To Brie or Not to Brie just came out this month, but in July, Avery launches her new series under the name Daryl Wood Gerber. The first in the new Cookbook Nook series is Final Sentence. Daryl will introduce Jenna Hart, an avid reader, foodie, and owner of a cookbook store. As Avery Aames, she won the Agatha Award for Best First Novel for The Long Quiche Goodbye. I wish her good luck as Daryl!

Both of these authors wrote a note in my gift book. Here's what it says.

"Dear Lesa,

You are an inspiration. Your love of books, your love of mystery, has infused me with a desire to read so many different authors and titles. I love your passion and wish you such a wonderful new chapter in your amazing story. May your life be filled with mystery, magic, and love.

All my best,

Avery who some like to call Daryl"

Thank you, Avery AND Daryl!

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