Sunday, January 20, 2013


Everyone has been understanding that I've moved and am settling in to my new home and new job. That doesn't mean I don't feel guilty because there hasn't been a daily blog. So, here's a potpourri for all of you who meet me over coffee, tea or hot chocolate in the morning.

So, let's start with another note from an author in my gift book. Brad Parks, author of the Carter Ross mysteries, sent a note. And, speaking of Carter Ross, the latest book in that series, The Good Cop, is due out March 5th.

Brad's note - "Lesa, I know you'll miss sweating out those referendums -- and sweating, in general -- but I can't help but think this is a great move for you. And for all the friends you'll miss in Arizona, just think of all the friends (like me) who will be with you anywhere you go. Congratulations to the mystery community's favorite library scientist...and thanks for being you. Fondly, Brad"

Thank you, Brad.I hope you know the feeling is mutual.

Because I haven't finished Betty Webb's The Llama of Death yet, I'm going to talk about the new arrivals. Before I lost time, I regularly posted "New Arrivals" on Facebook, the new books that arrived in my mailbox. So, here's a teaser, the books that arrived in my mailbox this past week.

I'll be reviewing Melodie Campbell's The Goddaughter in a couple weeks. Gina Gallo would love to just run her little jewelry shop. Unfortunately, she's also connected, "the Goddaughter", and, when she has to handle a situation for her cousin after he's shot by rival mobsters, it only gets worse. Gina and her best friend have to team up to recover some stolen gems.

Kate Watterson's Frozen is the first in a trilogy of mass market suspense novels that will star Wisconsin Detective Ellie MacIntosh. The book follows the small town detective racing to catch a serial killer before another woman is taken, while trying to prove the main suspect is innocent.

I received three books that come out in April. Hallie Ephron's There Was an Old Woman is a novel of psychological suspense in which a young woman becomes entangled in a terrifying web of deception and madness involving her elderly neighbor.

Katie Fforde is one of my favorite authors of romantic comedies. In A Perfect Proposal, a young Englishwoman, whose family never takes her seriously, gets an unexpected proposal from a dashing American, but it's not what you think. (Can't wait!) Fforde's books always have strong heroines, humor, and happy endings.

Henery Press is a small press publishing delightful mysteries. Their late April release is Kendel Lynn's Board Stiff. Elliott Lisbon is director of the Ballantyne Foundation on Sea Pine Island, SC. She normally scratches her detective itch by performing discreet inquiries for Foundation donors. But, when the board chair is accused of murder, Elliott's investigations take a deadly turn.

And, the other book from Henery Press, Gretchen Archer's Double Whammy, comes out in May. Davis Way thinks she's hit the jackpot when she lands a job as part of an elite security team at a fabulous casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. Instead, she ends up in jail in a case of mistaken identity, until her landlord steps in to help her fix a high stakes game.

I hope to have that book review for you tomorrow. In the meantime, I hope you had time for a hot drink while you caught up with my books.


Anonymous said...

I love Katie Fforde too!

Karen C said...

More good books to add to my list.
Since it's early evening when I getting to check your post, it's a cold drink for me - water!

Inside A Book said...

Nope. This week I enjoyed a frosty Diet Coke with you. It was beautiful and 77 degrees today. Finally.

You are missed here on this big blogosphere. I hope that your transition has been smooth and that you are finding your niche and your comfort spot. I am so glad that I can still check in with you and I am excited for your regular previews. You always help me feel so connected.

The Poisoned Pen looked so different when Sue Grafton came and you weren't in the audience this week. You are missed, friend.